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Tag: expected petrol price increase

today Petrol Price In Pakistan - Expected fuel prices

Expected fuel prices in Pakistan from April 16, 2024

In view of the change in global prices and the federal government’s plan to increase the levy, the expected fuel prices is estimated to be around Rs 300 from April 16, 2024 in Pakistan.

The price of petrol will increase from Rs 289.40 per liter to Rs 298 per liter for the next two weeks. Diesel price is also expected to increase by around Rs 2 per liter from the previous rate of Rs 282 to around Rs 284.24 per litre.

Unofficial reports further claim that the Pakistani government is considering increasing the petroleum levy from Rs 60 to Rs 100 per litre, with the current levy already at a maximum of Rs 60 per litre.

This could lead to a record hike in petrol prices in Pakistan, and the government will announce new prices based on the final exchange rate on April 15.