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Fitrana Amount 2024 In Pakistan – Sadqa E Fitr, Fidya Of Roza

Fitrana Amount 2024 In Pakistan

Before Eid-ul-Fitr, many people want to know how much is the Fidya Of Roza in Pakistan. However, you will get important details and information about  Sadqa E Fitr Ki Miqdar 2024 in Pakistan and Fitrana Amount 2024 in Pakistan.

Fitrana Amount Per Person

Fitrana Amount Per Person is Rs 340 based on the per kg price of wheat. Similarly Rs 800 were fixed based on 3.5 kg amount of barley, 3.5 kg of date was Rs 2,400 and 3.5 kg of raisins was fixed at Rs 5,600 in Pakistan.

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What is Fitrana In Islam?

It is obligatory for every Muslim (male and female) to pay the Fitrana before the Eid al-Fitr prayer. A small amount fixed by the government is given to the needy and poor people so that they too can participate in the great festival of Eid. Nisab, which is the minimum amount of wealth before paying Zakat, establishes the amount of Fitrana.

Fitrana Calculator 2024 in Pakistan

Everyone wants to know about the Fitrana calculator 2024 in Pakistan. Calculation of Fitrana is very simple and straightforward. The natural course should be multiplied by the number of people in the household.

For example, a family of four eligible members will have to pay Rs 1,000 (Rs 250×4).

There are different ways to calculate the amount of Fitrana. Various scholars including Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman have calculated Fitrana 2024 and revealed the amount of Sadaqah Fitr 2024 in Pakistan. Zakat al-Fitr on Wheat, Barley, Dates, Raisins and Ajwa date in Pakistan in 2024 is:

  1. Wheat (Gandum) – Rs. 340/
  2. Barley (Jau) – Rs. 800/
  3. Dates (Khajoor) – Rs. 2,400/
  4. Raisins (Kishmish) – Rs. 5,600/