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Canada Visa | Germany Has Allowed 60,000 Work Visas This Year 2023 | Germany work visa 2023

Germany Has Allowed 60,000 Work Visas This Year 2023

Germany Work Visa 2023

Good news for those who are waiting for Germany Work Visa 2023. In what appears to be particularly good news for workers from Asia and Africa and low developed countries, Wednesday’s proposal is aimed at immigrants coming to Germany, particularly those from outside the European Union. So there are big hurdles to overcome.

Germany is one of the most prosperous countries in Europe, is facing a labor crisis, and there are almost two million job losses in 2022, a record.

The proposed measures appear to be an attempt to prevent future labor crisis, just as Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government has tried to close gaps in the labor market.

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Germany has unveiled a new immigration strategy aimed at bringing in more foreign workers as the nation struggles with labor shortages. German Labor Minister Huberts Hill said when the draft came out that “Securing our skilled labor base is one of Germany’s key economic concerns for the next decades,”

Germany Work Visa Requirements

The first option requires a professional or university degree that is recognized in Germany as well as an employment contract. While the other road calls for a degree or professional training as well as at least two years of relevant work experience.

Interestingly, IT professionals without a university degree who have the necessary work experience will be granted EU Blue Cards. One of its most important features is the potential of the reform plan to increase the number of employees from countries outside the EU by up to 60,000 a year.

The plan also includes a new “opportunity card” option for employees to enter the country and three other routes.

The law was introduced by Secretary of Labor Hubert Hale and Secretary of the Interior Nancy Faeser. Faeser appears confident and claims that if people come with professional experience or personal potential, it will be possible for them to find employment.

The plan has been accepted by the cabinet and, according to Finance Minister Christian Lindner, it “creates the framework for a fresh start” on immigration policy.

He stated that “anyone who can contribute to the economic growth of the country as a talented worker is welcome.”

“Anyone who can contribute to the economic development of the country as a talented worker is welcome,” he said.