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today gold rate in pakistan per tola

Unusual Increase In Gold Prices In Dubai

Gold Prices In Dubai

The Gold prices in Dubai increased by 4 dirhams. Prices touched a new high of Dh240.75 per gram.

24 Carat Gold Price

According to the report, the 24 carat gold price has increased by 4 dirhams per gram on October 20. After which the rates touched a new high of 240.75 dirhams.

The price of gold per gram increased by 10.75 dirhams in the Dubai Gold Market last week. On Monday, the price of 24 carat gold fell by 2 dirhams per gram. However, on Tuesday, it was again increased by 1.25 dirhams. While on Wednesday, October 18, gold rose by 3.5 dirhams to reach a high of 237 dirhams per gram.

Gold Price Hits Record Low In KSA – Today Gold Rate

According to the report, the price of 22 carat gold in Dubai also increased by 3.50 dirhams per gram. The price of which became 222.75 dirhams. In the United Arab Emirates, the price of 10 grams of gold increased by 40 dirhams to 2 thousand 407 dirhams.

It should be noted that an increase in the price of gold has been recorded in the world market today, while gold has become expensive by 2200 rupees in Pakistan as well.