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How To Get A Work Visa For Greece 2023 - Procedure and Requirements

How To Get A Work Visa For Greece 2023 – Procedure and Requirements

How To Get A Work Visa For Greece 2023

Greece Work Visa Process 2023 – If you want to know how to get a work Visa for Greece 2023? If you have decided to go to Greece and find some work there, you should know the requirements and prepare in advance. As such, if your plan is to enjoy the natural sights of the country, you will get a tourist visa. But if you are planning to work there or have already received a job offer, the visa you will apply for is a Greece work visa. This visa will allow you to live and work in Greece for a certain period of time.

To know more about type, time of work visas, validity, application procedure, eligibility criteria, requirements and total cost of the visa procedure, you should refer to the article as we have regarding Greece work visa.

Greece Work Visa Types

A Greece work visa, also known as an extended city visa or Greek D visa, allows you to enter the country and stay there for more than three months. The authorization will enable you to participate in various paid activities.

Once you have obtained your D visa and moved to Greece, you will need to apply for a work and residence permit. A D visa is usually valid for one year.

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There are other types of work visas with different validity periods, such as

  1. Artistic Group Visa for One year
  2. Legally Employed Employees Visa for One Year
  3. Fish Workers Visa for 11 months
  4. Guides of organized tourism groups for 8 months
  5. Seasonal Employees Visa for 6 months
  6. Qualified Technical Employee Visa for 6 months
  7. Special Personnel Visa (Coaches/Sportspersons) for 6 months
  8. Students participating in the Traineeship Program Visa for 6 months.

How To Get A Work Visa For Greece 2023 - Procedure and Requirements

Greece Work Visa Requirements

In general, the following list of requirements is necessary always to keep ready with you, but the conditions may change, or you may be asked for some additional documents depending upon your country and the center you are applying to, such as;

The following list of requirements is important to have ready with you at all times for Greece Work, but circumstances may change, or you may be asked for some additional documents depending on your country and the center you are applying to. Requests may be made, such as;

  • A valid passport
  • Greece works visa application form
  • Authorized work permit of Greece
  • Contract of employment from an employer in Greece
  • Photographs
  • Clean criminal records or certificates
  • Health insurance
  • Health certificate
  • Biometrics
  • Academic certificates
  • Any work experience
  • Proof of accommodation in Greece
  • Evidence of enough income

Greece Work Visa Processing time

Processing time depends on two processes, including;

  • Work permit time
  • Work visa time

First, you will be assigned a work permit which may take longer than you expect as the officials will consider every detail and properly check whether you are eligible for a work permit or not.

Also, after getting the work permit, you have to make an appointment with the embassy to apply for a work visa, submit documents, etc. which can take up to 1 or 2 months in Collective.

Greece Work Visa Fees

Greece work visa Fees is 190-285 Euros. This is in addition to the cost of the work permit. which is paid by employers in some cases.

Greece Work Visa 2023 Validity

Greece work visas are short-lived, which can be extended on arrival if you apply for a residence permit. A residence permit is valid for one or two years. The residence permit is also extendable and must be extended before the expiry date to avoid any additional fines.

Greece Work Visa Application Process

There is a specific procedure for applying for a Greece work visa, which consists of a few steps, e.g.

  1. Find a job in Greece. You can do this by searching for various employment agencies that offer placements to employers from Greece. If you receive a job offer, you must sign an agreement with your employer or company (The contract should outline all of your job responsibilities and your income.)
  2. After getting a job. Your employer will apply for a work permit on your behalf to the decentralized administration of the city of residence. Once your work permit has been approved after all reviews, the permit will be sent to your home country’s embassy, and you will be notified that you can apply for a work visa.
  3. Complete your application form carefully, and check for any mistakes, as visas are usually refused in the event of incorrect information.
  4. Find the checklist of requirements in the application form, and submit all required documents. After that, you should go to the embassy and submit those documents along with the Greek work visa application form. Be prepared for any additional documentation required.
  5. An appointment is required to visit the embassy. So, schedule an appointment with the nearest embassy and get all the documents. Submit everything and also pay the necessary visa and application fees. You will be asked about your intentions to visit Greece.
  6. Now, you have to wait for the visa process, which may take a few days or weeks depending on your country. Once ready, you will receive your visa at the address mentioned in the application. Or maybe they’ll ask you to collect it.
  7. Once you get your visa and everything is done, you will go to Greece, where you will need to apply for a residence permit as soon as you arrive in the country. Visit the decentralized administration nearest to your place of residence, and you will be assisted at every step required for a residence permit.