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Tag: Haiger Wala

Haigerwala ہیگروالہ

Haigerwala ہیگروالہ

info provided by SHAHZAD AHMED JANJUA



Location of the village

Haigerwala is divided into three main branches (Bara Haigerwala, Chota Haigerwala and Dera Warriachan). It is situated about 32 Km from Gujrat and 48 Km From M B Din on Gujrat-Sarghoda road. The nearest Police station is Pahrianwali about 1 Km.

History of the Village
Village Haigerwala is very old village. It was planed by Sheikh Dudmal (The Chaudary of Mund Dhudra, Gujrat), who further become Muslim from Hinduism. That’s why the main cast of the village is Dhudra. This village was ruled out by Sikh before 1857.
The source of income is majorily depending on agriculture however a number of people is working abroad. There is one Govt Elementary School for girls and two Primary schools for boys, while there is a number of private schools.
گاؤں کی مشہور اور تعليم يافتہ شخصيات
  • Chaudary Liaqat Gondal,
  • Chaudary Arshad Gondal,
  • Numberdar Bashir,
  • Rana Niaz,
  • Mehdi Tarrar,
  • Major Riaz,
  • Master Mukhtar Ahmed,
  • Master Riaz Ahmed,
  • Master Khizar Hayat Janjua
  • Mian Nazir, Farooq Ahmed Janjua,
  • Tariq Mehmood (WAPDA),
  • Master Riaz Hussain
  1. Master Nawaz sahib
  • Master Tofail sahib 
  • Allama Khalid Sahib
  • Asad Abbas
There are three Masjid
1-Jamia masjid hanfiya
2-Jamia masjid ghosia
3-Jamia masjid Muhammadiya Bilal 

Main casts

  1. Dhudra,
  2. Awan,
  3. Tarrar,
  4. Gondal,
  5. Sundrana,
  6. Warriach
  7. Janjua 

Main crops


  • Wheat,
  • Rice,
  • Tobbaco

    Main Place
  • Darbar Baba Bholay Shah
  • Darbar Khalil Shah

    گاؤں کے قريبی ديھات:
  • North: Ghagoki
  • North West: Pahrianwali
  • West: Adda Pahrianwali
  • South West: Kot Phulay Shah
  • South: Chak Mitha
  • South East: Pindi Dhothar
  • East: Ransikay