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hajj 2023 price pakistan

Pakistanis Will Perform Most Expensive Hajj In The History 2023

Pakistanis will perform the most expensive Hajj in the history of Pakistan under the government scheme 2023

Global economic conditions and the devaluation of the Pakistani rupee have made it difficult to offer affordable Hajj packages. It is therefore expected that the expenditure of the Government Hajj Scheme may exceed Rs. 1 million

The announcement of the Hajj Policy 2023 by the federal government is expected by the end of this month. This year, 179,210 Pakistani nationals, including citizens above the age of 65, will have the opportunity to perform Hajj, according to the Saudi fixed quota.

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According to reports, there will be no subsidy for Hajj this year from the Ministry of Religious Affairs. All Hajj 2023 applicants must have a bank account, a valid passport, 3 photographs, a COVID-19 test result, and their own and their heirs’ identity cards.

حج کے خواہشمند معمر افراد کیلئے خوشخبری

Earlier, Saudi Arabia also announced the expansion of its Nusuk program to facilitate the registration process for Hajj pilgrims globally. The unified portal streamlines the visa application, payment process, and booking of flights, accommodation, and transportation for pilgrims.

Program expansion provides greater convenience for visitors from Europe, the United States (US), Australia, and 58 other countries.

hajj 2023 price pakistan