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Tag: honda 70 cc price in pakistan

Honda Bike Price In Pakistan July, 2024 - Honda 125 Price In Pakistan - Honda 70 Price In Pakistan

Honda 125 And Honda 70 Price In Pakistan To Go Up In May

Honda 125 And Honda 70 Price In Pakistan

There is bad news for the people of Pakistan, Honda 125 And Honda 70 Price In Pakistan are going to increase in May 2023. With the worsening economic situation and the devaluation of the local currency. Motorcycle users in Pakistan are eager to see some new surprises in the new year, we have done a brief analysis of Honda motorcycle price in Pakistan.

Atlas Honda has dropped several bombshells in recent months by sharply increasing motorcycle prices in Pakistan. Altas Honda CG 125 and Altas Honda CD 70 users are facing a lot of trouble in managing their expenses based on high fuel prices and bike prices.

Many factors come into play when determining local bike prices. According to recent reports, Honda CD70 and CG125 prices are likely to increase in May 2023. The bike is priced at PKR 149,900 (CD 70) and PKR 222,900 (CG 125).

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One of the biggest signs of living in an inflationary economy is that people often fail to keep track of changing prices. The same is happening in Pakistan as prices (it seems) change on a daily basis.