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Honda Bike Price In Pakistan 2024 - Honda 125 Price In Pakistan - Honda 70 Price In Pakistan

Honda Company Has Increased The Prices Of Motorcycles

Honda Bike Price In Pakistan

The Honda Company has informed the dealers regarding the increase in the prices of all models of Atlas Honda Bike Price in Pakistan 2022. According to the announcement, the new prices will be applicable from Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

Earlier, on August 1, the prices of all models of Honda motorcycles were increased, but now that the value of the dollar is stable, why has the price of Honda increased? In this regard, the Chairman Association of Pakistan Motorcycle Assemblers Association Sabir Shaikh says that about the models which the company claims that 90% of its manufacturing takes place inside the country, such as 70cc and 125cc, the price increase is understandable. I don’t come, but the situation is different for the rest of the imported models, whose parts are all imported.

According to Sabir Sheikh, dollars are still not available for LCs of imported motorcycles and the taxes are also very high. A motorcycle worth Rs. is increasing

Atlas Honda Bike Latest Price In Pakistan

The biggest price change is the Honda CB 150FSE, which has been increased by Rs 15,000 to Rs 3,57,900 from Rs 3,42,900. The price of Honda CB 150 has also been increased from Rs 3,38,000 to Rs 3,53,000.

The price of Honda CG 125 has been increased by 6 thousand rupees, which makes the price of these model 1,85,900 rupees, which was earlier 1,79,900 rupees.

The price of CG 125 Self has been increased by Rs 9,000. The new rate of Honda 125 is Rs 2,19,500 which was earlier Rs 2,10,900 and the price of CG 125 F has increased by Rs 9 thousand and reaches to Rs 2 lakh 83 thousand 900.

According to auto dealers, the price of Prider has been increased by Rs. 6 thousand, which has brought the price of this model to Rs. 1,61,900, while the price of CD70 Dream has increased by Rs.5,000 to Rs.1,29,900. With the increase of Rs.1 lakh 21 thousand 500 has been reached

It should be noted that the prices have been increased every two months justifying the increase in the value of the dollar.