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Tag: honda bike on installment in pakistan

Honda Bike Price In Pakistan July, 2024 - Honda 125 Price In Pakistan - Honda 70 Price In Pakistan

Atlas Honda Bike On Installment Plan Meezan Bank 2023

Atlas Honda Bike On Installment Plan Meezan Bank 2023

Bike pricing is getting out of hand in Pakistan due to worsening economic situation in the country. Honda has dropped several price bombs on the buyers that the best selling Honda CD 70 is now priced at Rs. 149,900/. So people cannot buy a new bike with cash. To give some relief to the buyers, Meezan Bank Pakistan offers Honda CD 70, CD 70 Dream and Honda Pridor installment plan 2023 so that they can easily buy the bike by paying easy and affordable monthly installments. To see Atlas Honda Bike On Installment Plan with Meezan Bank, read this article full.

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Meezan Bank offers feasible instalment plans for the convenience of the buyers. It helps boost their purchasing power because, during these challenging times, it is impossible to get everything in cash. So, the buyers can purchase on easy monthly rentals with Meezan Bank’s Apni Bike, a Riba-free Financing scheme.

Honda CD 70 On Installments Plan And Price With Zero Markup

Meezan Bank offers affordable installment plans for the convenience of buyers. This helps in increasing their purchasing power because, in these tough times, it is impossible to get everything in cash. So buyers can buy their bike from Meezan Bank with an interest-free financing scheme at an easy monthly rental.

bike on installment meezan bank

Honda CD 70 Installment Plan

For Altas Honda CD 70, it offers 15% to 50% down payment plan for 1 to 3 years. Meezan Bank has its Apni Bike calculator on its official website where you can get information about the installment plan for each bike. Here is the Honda CD 70 installment plan for two years with different down payments.

Equity Bike Price Down Payment+ Processing Fee Total Upfront Monthly Instalment
15% PKR 149,900 1,800+ 18735 20,535 6,213
20% PKR 149,900 1800+ 24,980 26,780 5,847
25% PKR 149,900 1800+ 31,225 33,025 5,482
30% PKR 149,900 1,800+ 37,470 39,270 5,116
35% PKR 149,900 1,800+ 43,715 45,515 4,751
40% PKR 149,900 1,800+ 49,960 51,760 4,385
45% PKR 149,900 1,800+ 56,205 58,005 4,020
50% PKR 149,900 1,800+ 62,450 64,250 3,654

These are Honda CD 70 installment plan details for two years. For more information you can visit their official website to know more about one year and three year programs. Further, the specifications may be subject to change due to price differences. So the installment plan will be affected by the current prices. It is better to visit the bank in person as the bike prices are constantly changing over the past months.