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Honda Bike Price In Pakistan July, 2024 - Honda 125 Price In Pakistan - Honda 70 Price In Pakistan

Honda 125 and 70 bike price in Pakistan – Updated May 2024

Atlas Honda has launched the new Honda CD 70 2024 model. The new Honda 70 model 2024 does not include any new features like previous years. Check the latest Honda 125 and Honda 70 bike price in Pakistan.


HONDA CD70Rs. 157,900
HONDA Pridor 100Rs. 208,900
HONDA CG125Rs. 234,900
HONDA CB150FRs. 497,900

Honda CD70 bike price in Pakistan is 157900 rupees. While Honda Pridor 100cc is at Rs 208,900. Honda CG125 motorcycle price is Rs 234,900 while Honda CG150F is at Rupees 497,900 in Pakistan for the month of May 2024. 

Surprisingly, Atlas Honda has not announced any price cut for Honda CD70 or CG125 despite the local currency appreciation.

In the past months, there were rumors of a price cut for the bike, but the company shared an explanation. Reports claim that the price of the Honda CD70 has been slashed by Rs 22,000 and the new price is now Rs 135,900. Similarly, it was said that the price of Honda CG 125 has been reduced by 33,500 rupees.