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Japan e-Visa Allowed for Muslim Countries, View List

Japan e-Visa Allowed for Muslim Countries, View List

Japan e-Visa Allowed for Muslim Countries

With the implementation of the latest e-visa rules and the establishment of a new online tourist visa system by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, traveling to Japan just got a lot easier. Japan E-Visa allowed for Muslim countries.

Citizens of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Qatar – all Muslim countries – can now easily and comfortably get a visa to Japan. The system will also be available to residents of Brazil, United Kingdom, United States, Cambodia, Canada, Mongolia, Taiwan, Singapore and South Africa.

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The new restrictions have made the visa application process seamless, even though it was previously smooth.
Applicants from United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia will have to submit their applications through the designated website, and will receive a digital verification visa upon successful submission.

Qatari nationals can also apply to register their passports at Japanese embassies, consul generals or consulates. After registration, they will receive a “Visa Waiver Registration” stamp for their passport, allowing them to enter Japan for multiple short-term visits without obtaining a visa for a period of three years (or until their passport expires).

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The relaxation of social distancing protocols around the world is prompting more countries to relax their visa requirements to take advantage of the global travel boom. Japan seems to have moved in the same direction to make it possible and convenient for citizens of Muslim-majority countries to travel there.