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Tag: jholana village

Muhammad iqbal shaheed jhulana

Jhulana جھولانہ

Jhulana جھولانہ


Our village Jhulana جھولانہ is exactly 5 miles south of city of Mandi Bahaudin and situated on the main Phalia/Gujrat Road. It is bordered with 3 joint canals, Sohawa village and District Complex on the south. On the east it is bordered to Chak No. 37 (Tara Tebbi). Daryana Village is on the west and Mangat is on the south. Latitude is 32.53333N and Longitude is 73.48333E and time zone is UTC+5 (+6DT).

History of Village:

Jhulana Village was established almost 500 year ago by Mr. Jhol Gondal who came from Kallan Pur currently in District Sargodha. Total area is 6,600 Acres divided into 5 wards and the population is approximately 12,000 with 4 main families.

  1. Togga
  2. Channan
  3. Ludda
  4. Gull Muhammad

There are 2 middle schools for boys, 1 middle school and 2 primary schools for girls and 2 English medium private middle schools.

There are total 7 mosques including 2 Main (Jamia) Mosques and 1 main (DARA TOGGA BRADRI) and 3 small Community centers (DARAY).

Major Casts:

  • Gondal
  • Syed
  • Mahajar
  • Ansari
  • Malik


Social Personalities of the Village:

  1. Ch. Muhammad Inayat Gondal (Vice President Kisan Wing and Ex. Finance Secretary District M. B.Din)
  2. Muhammad Buksh Gondal (Naib Nazim)
  3. Dr. Ijaz Ahmed (Ex. Naib Nazim)
  4. Maqsud Ahmed Gondal (Ex. Candidate for Nazim)
  5. Zafar Iqbal Gondal (Ex. Candidate for Nazim)
  6. Ata Muhammad Gondal (Ex. Candidate for District Council)
  7. Muhammad Hussain Gondal (Councilor)

Muhammad Iqbal Naik Shaheed Jhulana

Highly Qualified Personalities:

  • Qaisar Abbas Gondal (MCS, LLM) Advocate High Court, London
  • Faisal Imran Gondal (MA Economics) Tehsil Officer PRSP, Malakwal
  • Imtiaz Ahmed (Director Zarai Tarqiati Bank)
  • Major Dr. Muhammd Khan
  • Safeer Haider (MA) Lecturer GC University, Lahore
  • Husnain Mohsin (MA) Lecturer Govt. Commerce College, M. B. Din
  • Riaz Ahmed Gondal (MA, M Ed) Headmaster Govt Middle School, Jhulana
  • Bashir Ahmed Gondal (MA, B.Ed.)
  • Manzoor Ahmed Gondal (Headmaster Govt Middle School, Dera Chatha)
  • Qamar Inayat Gondal (MA, M.Sc.) Principal Dare-Arqam High School, M. B. Din
  • Saee Muhammed (Rtd. SDO)
  • Mushtaq Ahmed Gondal (ASI Punjab Police)
  • Shahid Riaz (Sabo Ka)

Source Of Income:

Main source of income is from agriculture, few are working in education and other government departments and now a day young generation is moving abroad.

Culture of Village:

The culture of the village is traditional but moderate. For all problems and disputes the elders of the village decides the issues with mutual understanding and in peaceful manners. Now a day everything is changing very rapidly and positively as the economy of the village is growing speedily.


  1. Darbar Baba Mian Khan
  2. Darbar Mian Allah Ditta Topi Wala
  3. Darbar Muhammad Ali Shah
  4. Darbar Channan Shah (Dera Alla Din Togga)
  5. Dharmshalla (now converted into houses)

Main Crops:

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Sugar Cane
  • Maize
  • Potato and Vegetables

Shops and Markets:

There are more than 20 shops providing all necessities of life (Food, Cloth, Shoes) 6 Hair Dressing Shops, 3 Video /DVD Shops, 6 Tailoring Shops, 5 Tea-Restaurants and 4 medical stores.

Welfare Organizations:

FAIR TRUST is a charity established by Qaisar Gondal Advocate High Court and patronized by Ch. Muhammad Inayat Togga, a very well known social worker; charity arrange the marriages, help the poor families and pay school expenses for poor children. Charity has also completed a 3 kilometer road project with the help of PRSP in early 2007. A project for establishing a state of the art Play Ground for Children with all the latest facilities is in process with the consultation of UK’S Top Children charity Experts and the land has already been allocated for this project.

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)