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info by : Muhammad Asif Duddhi , Amsterdam HOLLAND & Shameer Riaz


KADHAR  is a beautiful village situated on Sargodha Gujrat link road.Its just 10 kilometer away  from Phalia in the West and almost 8 kilometer away from Kuthiala Shaikhan in the East.


   Kadhar is not a very big village. It consists of approximately 10,000 inhabitants.There are so many facilities available  as compared to so many other villages like basic  health centre, educational system,telephone and electricity and hope so for sui gas in near future.

Founder of village

        I have heard from my forefathers that a man  come to this area from  a village kadhar which was situated near the bank of river Ravi and he settled this village so after that this was named as Kadhar.He was Duddhi by caste.

People of village

  It is popular all over the Pakistan that Mandi Baha ud Din,s people are very brave, very hardworking, very honest and loving.The people of my area are very nice and  co-operative .The main source of income is obviously agriculture but now this trend is going to be end. Most of people are going  abroad to find new ways to meet the demands of this new modern era.

  Nearby villages

     East   : Chunny Raham Shah & Kattowal

     West  : Kuthiala Shaikhan

     North  : Makkay Wal

     South :  Khumb Khurd

  Main castes

    • Duddhi
    • Gondal
    • Warraich
    • Khokhar
    • and all helping castes
    • Sahibzada Dr. Farrukh Hafeez (eye specialist)
    • Ch Ghulam Rasool (saalam ka) union nazim kadhar
    • Ch Muhammad Anar (saleh jallo ka)
    • Ch Muhammad Azam (saleh jallo ka) Assistant Engineer in TMA (Gujrat)
    • kabaddi
    • naiza bazi
    • volley ball
    • cricket
    • wheat
    • cotton
    • rice
    • sugarcane
    • maize
    • tobacco
    • vegetables specially potatoes

   Famous personalities of Kadhar

            There are so much famous personalities which belong to my village, i would like to tell you collectively about some religious, social and political icons.

Chaudhary Anser Iqbal Kadhar:

Chaudhary Anser Iqbal Kadhar belongs to the Salabat Family of Kadhar sharif. His residence and guest house is located at dera salabat ka. He is a former president of youth wing of Yaqoub Shah College Phalia .He works tirelessly for the betterment of people of his area and fights for justice for poor people who are helpless. All needies of the are come to him for the solution of their problems. He also stood on the position of chairman of union council kadhar in recent elections but lost due to pressure of his opponents on voters. Anyone who needs help and justice should go to Mr Ansar. His aim is to make the society a better place to live and maintain peace and harmony among his people.

    Sahibzada Dr. Farrukh Hafeez sb

I would like to tell some thing special about Sahibzada Farrukh Hafeez Sb Kadhar Shareef. He is doctor by profession and he has devoted himself as a social worker for his whole life that’s why he left a govt job for  the service of humanity.

      He is a religious personality and as i told above that he is a doctor (eye specialist) He has operated countless eye operation without getting any cost from any one either he is rich or poor without any discrimination.He managed free camps for eye operation all over in Pakistan through out year.


Every village has so many traditional sports and same here in my many games are played like

Main Crops


      Every year a URS of Pir Mian Ghulam Rasool is held on Miana daira.Miana daira is famous in whole Punjab due to this religious saint.There are so much followers of them throughout Pakistan.He served Islam through out life and after him his son Sahibzada Farrukh Hafeez i mentioned above is also following him and working for Islam and for the welfare of humanity.