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Tag: kako wal village

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Kakowal کاکووال

Kakowal کاکووال

By Nazim Abbas Gondal


Kakowal کاکووال or Kako Wal is a famous village of district Mandi Bahauddin. It is situated in the south of the city Mandi Bahauddin. It is located at Coordinates: 32°31′0″N 73°26′0″E and has an altitude of 252 meters (827 ft). The neighbor villages of Kakowal are 11 Chak, Adalt abad and Bhiki Shareef.

The population of this village is about to 2000. There are two mosques in Kakowal.

Nearest Villages:

Major Casts:

  • Gondal
  • Warraich

Famous Personalities:

  1. Haji Sai Muhammad Gondal
  2. Muhammad Khan Gondal
  3. Haji Gulam Sarwer (ex. nazim)
  4. Sajid Iqbal Niazi
  5. Kazim Abbas Gondal
  6. Ajmair Ashraf Gondal

Educated Personalities:

  • Zaigham Abbas Gondal
  • Rizwan Ahmed
  • Master Rafiq Ahmed
  • Muhammad Anup Gondal


  • Nazim Abbas Gondal
  • Tariq Mehmood (sub-Inspector)
  • Farooq Ahmed (sub-Inspector)
  • Zahid mehmood

Main Crops:

  1. Rice
  2. Wheat
  3. Sugar Cane

One most important thing of this village is that there are three (3) Canals passes near the village and people come here for bathing in Canals.

Problems of the village:

the main problem of my village is that there is no facility of Sui Gas.

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)

Information provided by Nazim Abbas Gondal

Mobile: 0344-6050006