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Tag: Kot Sher Muhammad

kot sher muhammad

Kot Sher Muhammad کوٹ شیر محمد

Kot Sher Muhammad کوٹ شیر محمد

Info Provided by Qudirat Ellahi Ansari


Village Kot Sher Muhammad is the village in tehsil Phalia District Mandi Bahauddin. This village is itself is Union Council having UC No. 58 Kot Sher Muhammad. This village is one among the series of seven villages belonging to chohaas, a sub caste of Ranjha.

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Nearby Villages:

  1. Musa Kalan
  2. Kot Hast Khan
  3. Walayatwala
  4. Humber
  5. Jajja Aor
  6. Rerka
  7. Bosal
  8. Kot Pindiwala
  9. Dhunni Kalan
  10. Cheto

Institutes in the Village

There are 2 government, 2 private school schools in this village

  • Govt. Girls High School
  • Govt. Boys Primary School
  • Ghazali Education Trust School
  • Child Friendly School
  • Asmat Ullah Ranjha (headmaster)


There is one Govt hospital in this village.

  • Govt. Hospital Kot Sher Muhammad


There are five mosques in this village


Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

  1. Ahmad Saeed Ranjha Advocate 
  2. Irfan Ahmad Ranjha Advocate
  3. Amir Sakinder Ranjha Advocate (Lahore)
  4. Ch. Usman Altaf Ranjha (Bank officer Lahore)
  5. Ch. Naeem Sarwar Ranjha (Advocate Lahore)
  6. Babar Ikram Ranjha (Deputy Jailer Sargodha)
  7. Zulafqar Ahmad Ranjha (Advocate Lahore)
  8. Moazzam Ikram Ranjha (Medical officer RHC Bhekho Mor)
  9. Kamran Ahmad Haral (Principal Govt High school Bherowal)
  10. Ahmad Sher Ranjha (District Account Officer)
  11. Abdul Rehman Ranjha (Police Officer)
  12. Imran Ranjha (Advocate Lahore)
  13. Dr. Ch. Ahsan Ullah Ranjha (Medical officer Mandi Bahauddin)
  14. Waqas Ahmad Ranjha (Army medical officer/Major CHM Rawalpindi)
  15. Dr. Mohsin Ranjha (Education Officer Lahore)

Social Personalities of the Village

Political power PP-67 NA-80

  1. Ch. Khuram Ahsan Ranjha (Ex. Nazam )
  2. Ch. Ikram Ullah Ranjha (Ex MPA )
  3. Ch. Altaf Ahmad Ranjha (Ex MPA )
  4. Ch. Fazal Ahmad Ranjha (Ex MPA )
  5. Ch. Khalid Mehmood Ranjha (Retd. Session Jude)
  6. Ch. Khalid Mehmood Ranjha (MPA)

Major Casts:

  • Ranjha
  • Ansari
  • Lak



  • Wheat
  • Sugarcane
  • Rice

May Allah Bless This village

kot sher muhammad


Info Provided


Qudirat Ellahi Ansari

Mobile Number 03447953202

Last edited on August 10, 2022

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