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Tag: Kuthiala khurd

kuthiala khurd

Kuthiala Khurd کٹھیالہ خورد

Kuthiala Khurd (کٹھیالہ خورد)

By: Humna Ali


Kuthiala khurd کٹھیالہ خورد is a village in Tehsil Malakwal. It is 33.3 km from Mandi bhaudin towards west and 7.3 km from Malakwal. It has one Govt. School for Boys and one Govt. School for Girls. The village is not too big nor small. Total population of village is approximately 5,000. The people of this village are very kind and hospitable. Kuthiala Khurd has its own Badminton and cricket grounds. People of this village especially youth is very fond of playing games as sports are good for human health.

Our village has its own Cricket Badminton kabaddi and volleyball teams. Kuthiala Khurd has 5 mosques. People of this village are very religious and peaceful.

kuthiala khurd

Social Personalities:

  1. Ch. Muhammad Akhtar Gondal (chairman) and social worker of PMLN
  2. Ch. Ali Asghar Gondal (Ex. chairman of zakat and Ushar Committee and a very well known person)
  3. Ch. Shoaib Ansar Gondal (U.K)
  4. Ch. Zahoor Ahmed Gondal (owner Almadinah Petroleum)
  5. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
  6. Ch. Dilawar Mushtaaq Gondal
  7. Ch. Javaid Gondal (Ex. patwari)
  8. Ch. Qaiser Massaod Gondal Raje ka
  9. Ch. Atta Muhhamad Gondal
  10. Ch. Nasir Gondal (Numberdaar)
  11. Ch. Haji Mushtaaq Ahmed Azhar Gondal

Officers and Highly Educated Personalities

  1. Dr. Maqsood Ahmed Gondal (MBBSS from K.E )(Consultant. Neurosurgeon and HOD at King Fahad medical complex Al Riyadh Saudi Arabia)(world 11th neurosurgeon)
  2. Dr. Ghulaam Sarwar Gondal (MBBS from K.E, Anesthesiologist retired from Grade 20)(Professor at Margalla Dental College Islamabad and surgeon at Brain surgery hospital Islamabad)
  3. Dr. Soban Sarwar Gondal S/O Ghulam Sarwar Gondal (MBBS from K.E cons Neurosurgeon and pain specialist)
  4. Mr. Tallat Mehmood Gondal (Deputy Commissioner)
  5. Mr. Saliq Dosst Gondal (Custom Officer)
  6. Mr. Safwan Sarwar Gondal (topper of London University) (Major at Ministry of Defense (GHQ) Islamabad) (Business taikon at ISB).
  7. Mr. Mazhar Gondal (business Taikon )
  8. Mr. Zulqarnain Haider Gondal (MBA U.K)
  9. Ch. Muhammad Ansar Gondal (Rt. incharge crime scene unit dist Mandi bahaudin)
  10. Dr. Zafar Iqbal Gondal (CEO health Rawalpindi)
  11. Prof. Aslam Gondal (DPO colleges)
  12. Ch. Umer Hayaat Gondal (Manager National bank )

Mr. Jazib Gondal is well known personality of Kuthiala Khurd village. He is poet and write more than 3 books اتصال، امکان اور امید. He has done his Masters in English and Urdu

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Female Officers:

  • Major Riffat Shaheen (Pak Army)
  • Prof. Saima Aslam (IIUI)
  • Memmona Dost (Checking officer)

Source of Income

The main source of income for people is agricultural land. But as per trend of District Mandi bhau din approximately 65% of youth is settled in abroad especially Europe. Most people have their own business like protein forms , Petrol pumps etc.

kuthiala khurd

Some foreigner of our village are mentioned below.

  • Ch. Muhammad Aslam Gondal (Canada)
  • Ch. Abrar Arif Gondal (France)
  • Ch. Atif Shehbaaz Gondal Kuwait)
  • Ch. Rizwan Razzaq Gondal (Australia)
  • Ch. Zulqarnain Haider Gondal (U.K)
  • Muhammad Khan Mughal (USA)
  • Ahmed Khan Mughal (USA)
  • Ashraf Mughal (USA)

and many more.

Main Crops

  1. Wheat
  2. Sugar cane
  3. Rice
  4. Citrus Gardens
  5. Cotton
  6. Tobacco



Main Casts


Gondal is one of the main elite Jatt clans living in Punjab, Pakistan. They are believed to have accepted Islam on the inducement of famous Sufi poet Baba Farid and were instructed by him to stay in the area between the Chenab River Jhelum River which now forms Mandi Bahauddin, and Sargodha District. They are approximately over half a million in population and are mainly living in Mandi Bahauddin Gondal Bar.

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Educational Institutes

There are two Govt. Elementary Schools in our village. One for Boys and one for Girls

Private Institutions

  • Ghazali model High school
  • Beacon Education House
  • Qamar khan school

except these there are two madrassas for religious education in village.

Person who has most of land in Village

  1. Ch. Haji Mushtaaq Ahmed Azhar Gondal (4 murraba)
  2. Ch. Muhammad Bakhash (2.5 murrabba)
  3. Ch. Mian Muhammad Nazir (2.5 murraba)
  4. Ch. Khushi Muhammad (3 murrabba)

Media Facilities

In the village, Television ,Radio, Tape Recorder, PTCL phones and all Telcom companies are present in almost every home. Approximately every home in village has smart gadgets like Phones, Laptops, computers e.t.c.

village road

Flora & Fauna

  • Buffalos
  • Cows and Bulls
  • Sheeps & Goats
  • Horses & Donkeys
  • Dogs & Cats
  • Hens
  • Rabbits & Pigeons
  • Ducks
  • Jackals
  • Snakes
  • Pigs
  • Wild Cats

Village land is very much fertile, availability of water is enough although soil not suitable for GYMNOSPERMS and FERNS but ANGIOSPERMS are very much common in the village which include both ornamental and wild.

Way of Living

Peoples of the village live a simple life. They have very friendly behavior. Peoples are very much hostile, peaceful and sincere. Except few black sheep’s vulgarity is an uncommon thing. People of the village go to their lands to care their cattle’s and crops and come back in the evening so they have a very busy life. Young boys play Cricket, Volley Ball or play cards in their extra time.


Information Provided By

Humna Ali


Last update on 08-09-2022