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Lock Down In Lahore, Order To Keep Schools and Shops Closed

Lockdown In Lahore, Order To Keep Schools and Shops Closed

Lockdown In Lahore

Lockdown In Lahore. Punjab government’s decision to close Lahore every Wednesday for 2 months due to smog. Schools, markets, government and private institutions will remain closed on every Wednesday. Banks, private institutions, clubs and hotels will also remain closed, Commissioner Lahore Division.

According to the sources, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the most smog due to which the caretaker Punjab government has decided to down the shutters on Wednesday and close all small and big markets including schools, colleges and universities.

On behalf of caretaker Punjab government, half of the employees in all government institutions will come to work on Wednesday. While it has been decided to lock down on Saturday and Sunday in the style of Corona Lockdown and blockade the city and take action and heavy fines against the factories and factories working against the law. The notification is likely to be issued by night.

Under the new policy, government departments will function at 50% capacity on Wednesdays, sources said, adding that weekend snap-checking on Saturdays and Sundays has also been suggested. Abnormal traffic is the main cause of smog in the city, while emissions from factories account for only 7% of Lahore’s total pollution.