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Tag: Maangaat

Mangat مانگٹ


Info By: Mubashar Nawaz Raan


Location of the Village

Village Mangat is located in the south of city M.B.Din. The distance of the village from the capital city Islamabad is about 170 Kms approx. and from the provincial capital Lahore  is about 180 Kms and about 12 Kms from the District M.B.Din. This village is situated on main road between two main cities of Distt. M.B.Din , M.B.Din-Phalia GT. Road. It’s a beautiful village because it is surrounded by beautiful green fields of very fertile land.

History of Mangat

Mangat is a very historical Village and this village was famous before Pakistan as MANGAT. Its history is very famous due holy places of two religions -Muslims and Sikhs. Before Pakistan many Sikh families were living in this area. Thats why in this village there are still a lot of old buildings that were built by Sikhs. Here is still one water pool which was used by Sikhs to take a bath. Near to this pool, there is one more famous place called DARM-SALA and is very big. At this place Sikh families used to sit together to discuss social matters. Now in this building there is Primary school for boys. In that time one Sikh who was called Mangat, was very famous for horse riding and was first in horse riding in all area. After his victory, the people said to him to run your horse and where your horse will stop, that all land will be yours. It was the time when Sikh started to migrate to India and that time was partition time of sub-continent. The boundaries of this village are surrounded by village Jhulana, Dinga chak, Bhout, Madhary, Dhaul, Laidar and Adhi. This town was very popular since its existence for religious matters and services. In this town, there are Mazars (shrines) of six religious persons. One of those is near to Mosque CHOUNGA and every year  there is big URS (religious festival) and thousands of people take part in it. And many people travel to this town on the eve of this festival from far off villages. The local people of the town welcome all these guests with open heart and at this time their hospitality is worth seeing. This URS is of Saeed Ahmed Saib.

Historical Mosque of Mangat

There exists one very historical mosque made of mud and the walls are made of mud and are about 4 feet wide and the roof is made by very good quality wood.

This mosque is till today of mud and is worth seeing. This mosque was made in 775 Hijari and base was placed by Sheikh Bahauddin Zakria Multani and since then the walls of the mosque are in very good condition and never needed to repair. Before the Pakistan, some people tried to demolish this mosque but with the help of God and Karamat Wali, where those cruel people tried to demolish this mosque, ran blood out of walls and wooden roof. After seeing this, many people got fear and ran away and some people accepted Islam. To see this mosque, people come from very far-off areas. Many people used to live inside this mosque for prayers most of the time as it is cold inside this mosque in very hot summer and its hot in very cold winter. Although the mosque has been extended from the front side and there is also one Madrasa now and this Madrasa is famous with name of Sulimania Rizwia.

But still that old mosque is main part of the whole building. Maulana Saeed Ahmed was very famous religious person. In the time of Maulana Saeed Ahmed, once there was no rain for long time and there was dry all over. The people of the area came to Maulana Saeed Ahmed and asked to pray to Allah. Maulana Saeed Ahmed took all people to one ground field and offered prayer and started pray to God till it started raining and all area was filled with water. After sometime people wanted to go to home and as they started to go, the raining stopped. Before this prayer, non-Muslims said that from where  Maulana Saeed will bring rain but Allah accepted the prayers of this beloved person and all other Muslims and the Muslims were proud after that. Maulana Saeed had one Son Maulana Pir Muhammad Abdul Jaleel Ali Ahmed Raza Sulimani Rizwi and this son is now famous in all area. This famous family is Chaddar by cast. Now this Madrasa (religious-institute) is run by Maulana Abdul Jaleel.

And due to this great religious personality, now Mangat is called Mangat Sharif. All people of Mangat love this person and all those who have problems, come to Maulana Abdul Jaleel and he solved the matters of all people. Maulana Abdul Jaleel made Mangat famous all over the Pakistan and world. The followers of Maulana Abdul Jaleel are all over the Pakistan and they come to meet him every sunday in this old mosque.

There is another famous Shrine called Baba Gandaan Wali Sarkar. There is every year Mila on this Shrine and many people take part in it. Its mostly cultural festival.

Historical Gurudwara Bhai Bannu at Mangat

This shrine is located on the Mandi Bahauddin-Phalia road at a distance of 12 kilometers from Mandi Bahauddin railway station. The residence of Bhai Bannu Ji, a devotee of Sat Gur Arjun Dev Ji, was at this place. “Bhai Bannu wall beerr (volume) of Granth Sahib” was kept here in the book form. (see Guru Granth Sahib).

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At the side of the tank, a beautiful Gurdwara was built during Sikh rule by the royal command of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. A large endowment of land was made but the priests got it transferred in their names. This is a splendid darbar. The tank is getting filled with dust. There is now a vegetable market outside the Gurdwara. The floral frescoes have been painted on the walls.

Population of the Village

Population of the village is about 20,000.

Nature of the people of the Village

The people of the village are very friendly and co-operative, not only for each other but also to those who visit this village. In this village there live almost all main casts of our district in brotherhood and love one an other.

Main Sources of Income

Most of the people are related to the agriculture so that is the main source of income to the people of the village. About 15 % of the total population is in civil services and about 15% of the total population is settled abroad.

Latest Information about the Village

There is also one Town Committee in Mangat near to Dharamsale. Here is vegetable (Sabazi Mandi) market that is open from 6 AM to 9 PM. From here people of Mangat as well as from surrounding areas buy vegetable and fruit. Also there comes many farmers to buy daily eatables.

Mangat town is also famous due to one other political personality Late Ahmed Fraz Mangat. He was one of the known political person in our area and he did many welfare works for his area.

Main Crops گاؤں کی اہم فصليں

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Sugar Cane
  • Bajra
  • Makei

Nearest Villages گاؤں کے قريبی ديھات

Jhulana  –North

Ahdi and Bhout –South-East

Dhaul and Madhare –South

Dinga Chak –West

Main Castes گاؤں کیاہم ذاتيں

  1. Raan
  2. Rao Tarar
  3. Gondal
  4. Chaddar
  5. Sadhu
  6. Rajeke
  7. Sawenke
  8. Rana
  9. Muhajjar
  10. Pathan
  11. Lohar
  12. Tarkhan Bhatti
  13. Qureshi
  14. Muslim Sheikh.

Social Personalities of the Village  گاؤں کی فلاعیشخصيات

  • Shafqat Ahmed U.C Nazim
  • Sahbzada Muhammad Ammar Saeed Chairman UC Mangat
  • Haji Muhammad Nawaz Raan Vice Chairman UC Mangat

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

  • Prof. Muhammad Iqbal (M.A Urdu, Prof. Govt. Degree College M.B.Din)
  • Rao Rizwan-ul-haq (M.A. English, Monitoring Officer)
  • Professor Muhammad Arshad Sialvi ( M-Phil Islamic studies, govt. college mandi baha-ud-din)
  • Ahmed Yaar Gondal (M.A History. run private School)
  • Dr. M. Arshad Raan (M.A Urdu, Homeopathic-diploma)
  • Dr. Maqsood Ahmed (Ph.d. Physics U.S.A)
  • Engr. Arshad Mehmood Sahne-ka (M.Sc Ecnomics)

Schools and Colleges in the Village

  • Govt. primary school for girls
  • Govt. Secondary College for Girls
  • No. of Govt. Primary and High School for Boys  — 5
  • No. of private schools in the village — 3

Social Welfare Organizations in the Village

There are some social organization in the village mostly organized by young people of the village. They work for the welfare of the village.

Popular games of the Village

  1. Cricket
  2. Foot Ball
  3. Kabadi
  4. Kushti

Parks and Canals گاؤں کے قريبی پارک آور نھريں

This village is surrounded by Green fields. On the south of the village there is one small canal and every morning many people used to have morning walk along this canal. Also there are gardens of Oranges around the village.


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