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Tag: Malikwal postal code

mandi bahauddin postal code

Mandi Bahauddin Postal code Details

Mandi Bahauddin Post Code details

In Pakistan PostCode is a 5 digits code that is normally written at the end of an address which allows automated sorting of mail to a particular post office or Address. A postcode also knows as Postal code and zip codes.

You looking Mandi Bahauddin G. P. O. postcode and its use for post office delivery.for more information about Mandi Bahauddin G. P. O. Postcode Check Below Detail

Mandi Bahauddin G. P. O. Postcode TypeDelivery Mandi Bahauddin G. P. O. Post office
Mandi Bahauddin G. P. O. Postal Code50400
Area NameMandi Bahauddin G. P. O.
Post Office NameGeneral Post Office
Mandi Bahauddin G. P. O. Post Office TypeMain GPO
Post office Address
General Post Office, Post Office Rd, Mohalla Ward 5, Mandi Bahauddin, Punjab
TehsilMandi Bahauddin
DistrictMandi Bahauddin
City CodeLRG
Mandi Bahauddin G. P. O.  Latitude32.588169
Mandi Bahauddin G. P. O.  Longitude73.497345
Pakistan ISO Code2 Digits: PK , 3 Digits : PAK

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Mandi Bahauddin District in Punjab, province, its located at 32°26 N 74.64E. The Mandi Bahauddin G. P. O. Postal code format consists of 5 digits. First 2 digit 50 for routing Mandi Bahauddin district and 400 code Mandi Bahauddin G. P. O. Post office. Mandi Bahauddin G. P. O. Postal Code is 50400


Time zonePST (UTC+5)
Dialling code of district Mandi Bahauddin0546
Postal code of Mandi Bahauddin50400
Postal code of Phalia50430
Postal code of Phalia50530


Area wise Postal Code of Mandi Bahauddin


Region 2CityPostcode (ZIP)
Mandi BahauddinAdhi50401
Mandi BahauddinAgroya50431
Mandi BahauddinAjjowal50531
Mandi BahauddinAki50471
Mandi BahauddinAla50401
Mandi BahauddinAmra Kalan50340
Mandi BahauddinAnney Sharif50491
Mandi BahauddinAttowala50281
Mandi BahauddinB.g.pur50330
Mandi BahauddinBadshahpur50531
Mandi BahauddinBahrai50431
Mandi BahauddinBar Moosa50581
Mandi BahauddinBhalwal Gharbi50521
Mandi BahauddinBhikhi50471
Mandi BahauddinBhiko50461
Mandi BahauddinBhoa Hassan50461
Mandi BahauddinBhojowal50481
Mandi BahauddinBohat50355
Mandi BahauddinBukkan50481
Mandi BahauddinBumbali50431
Mandi BahauddinBuola Zerin50551
Mandi BahauddinBusal50481
Mandi BahauddinBusal Masoor50481
Mandi BahauddinChak 1450471
Mandi BahauddinChak 1650471
Mandi BahauddinChak 1750471
Mandi BahauddinChak 1850521
Mandi BahauddinChak 1950531
Mandi BahauddinChak 2 North50401
Mandi BahauddinChak 2150521
Mandi BahauddinChak 2250521
Mandi BahauddinChak 2350521
Mandi BahauddinChak 2650581
Mandi BahauddinChak 2850581
Mandi BahauddinChak 2950581
Mandi BahauddinChak 350471
Mandi BahauddinChak 3050581
Mandi BahauddinChak 3150581
Mandi BahauddinChak 3350481
Mandi BahauddinChak 3850471
Mandi BahauddinChak 450531
Mandi BahauddinChak 4050471
Mandi BahauddinChak 4350581
Mandi BahauddinChak 4450581
Mandi BahauddinChak 4550581
Mandi BahauddinChak 4650581
Mandi BahauddinChak 4750581
Mandi BahauddinChak 550531
Mandi BahauddinChak Basawa50401
Mandi BahauddinChak Fateh Shah50361
Mandi BahauddinChak Jano Khurd50310
Mandi BahauddinChak Mano50431
Mandi BahauddinChak Nizam50551
Mandi BahauddinChak No.1 (cpol-45)50350
Mandi BahauddinChak No.750531
Mandi BahauddinChak No.950531
Mandi BahauddinChak Raib50531
Mandi BahauddinChak Saida Bala50551
Mandi BahauddinChak Shahbaz50461
Mandi BahauddinChak Sher Mohammad50331
Mandi BahauddinChak Zahir50301
Mandi BahauddinChanan50281
Mandi BahauddinCharan Wala50441
Mandi BahauddinChellian Wala50360
Mandi BahauddinChhimmon50531
Mandi BahauddinChhoranwala50281
Mandi BahauddinChot Dhiran50531
Mandi BahauddinChurand50355
Mandi BahauddinDaffar50511
Mandi BahauddinDaffar Plantation50561
Mandi BahauddinDera Sardar Khan50331
Mandi BahauddinDevigarh50461
Mandi BahauddinDhakkar50281
Mandi BahauddinDhaul50431
Mandi BahauddinDhok Daūd50331
Mandi BahauddinDhok Jauri50331
Mandi BahauddinDhok Kasab50331
Mandi BahauddinDhok Malowal50331
Mandi BahauddinDhok Murad50281
Mandi BahauddinDhok Saharan50331
Mandi BahauddinDhok Shahani50331
Mandi BahauddinDhrikan Kalan50431
Mandi BahauddinDhulkalan50431
Mandi BahauddinDhunni Kalan50461
Mandi BahauddinDinga50280
Mandi BahauddinDitto Chur50401
Mandi BahauddinFatta Band50281
Mandi BahauddinG.c.t.50500
Mandi BahauddinGajan50431
Mandi BahauddinGhania50431
Mandi BahauddinGhhani Gehna50491
Mandi BahauddinGhurganwali50461
Mandi BahauddinGohar Sharif50471
Mandi BahauddinGohri50471
Mandi BahauddinGojra50500
Mandi BahauddinGulshan Iqbal50361
Mandi BahauddinGumty50281
Mandi BahauddinGunian50581
Mandi BahauddinHarria50531
Mandi BahauddinHarria R.s.50531
Mandi BahauddinHassan50401
Mandi BahauddinHead Faqirian50561
Mandi BahauddinHegar Wala Kalan50301
Mandi BahauddinHelan50440
Mandi BahauddinIslampura50531
Mandi BahauddinJaara50581
Mandi BahauddinJand Busal50581
Mandi BahauddinJani Chak50281
Mandi BahauddinJayya50471
Mandi BahauddinJholana50411
Mandi BahauddinKadhar50431
Mandi BahauddinKadirabad50460
Mandi BahauddinKahna50531
Mandi BahauddinKailo50431
Mandi BahauddinKala Shadan50431
Mandi BahauddinKallas Sharif50550
Mandi BahauddinKalo Wal50531
Mandi BahauddinKaluwali50401
Mandi BahauddinKhai50481
Mandi BahauddinKhamb Khurd50491
Mandi BahauddinKhanana50531
Mandi BahauddinKherewal50491
Mandi BahauddinKhiwa50401
Mandi BahauddinKhizer50561
Mandi BahauddinKhoja50281
Mandi BahauddinKhori Alam50281
Mandi BahauddinKorey Karam Shah50461
Mandi BahauddinKot Ahmed Shah50401
Mandi BahauddinKot Baluch50361
Mandi BahauddinKot Ghulam Rasūl50441
Mandi BahauddinKot Jalian50401
Mandi BahauddinKot Pindi Wala50461
Mandi BahauddinKot Rehm Shah50441
Mandi BahauddinKot Sher Mohammad50461
Mandi BahauddinKotli Afghan50401
Mandi BahauddinKuthala Khurd50531
Mandi BahauddinKuthiala Sheikhan50480
Mandi BahauddinLak50431
Mandi BahauddinLakhn Wala50401
Mandi BahauddinLasoori Kalan50281
Mandi BahauddinLeadhar Kalan50431
Mandi BahauddinMahal50521
Mandi BahauddinMahji50401
Mandi BahauddinMakhnan Wali50355
Mandi BahauddinMalakwal Postal Code50530
Mandi BahauddinMandana50581
Mandi BahauddinMandi Bahauddīn Postal Code50400
Mandi BahauddinMangat50410
Mandi BahauddinMatsonabad50520
Mandi BahauddinMatta50461
Mandi BahauddinMaujian Wala50361
Mandi BahauddinMehlu Kohna50461
Mandi BahauddinMekan50431
Mandi BahauddinMiana Gondal50580
Mandi BahauddinMianwali50490
Mandi BahauddinMohallah Khokhar Abad50401
Mandi BahauddinMohallah Soofi Pura50401
Mandi BahauddinMona Remount Depot50560
Mandi BahauddinMona Syedan50561
Mandi BahauddinMong50390
Mandi BahauddinMurala50354
Mandi BahauddinNain50481
Mandi BahauddinNain50491
Mandi BahauddinNake Wal50481
Mandi BahauddinNawanlok50401
Mandi BahauddinNoor Jamal50281
Mandi BahauddinNoor Jamal Janubi50441
Mandi BahauddinNoorpur Katvi50461
Mandi BahauddinPahrianwali50300
Mandi BahauddinPandowal Bala50491
Mandi BahauddinPandowal Paeen50491
Mandi BahauddinPhalia Postal Code50430
Mandi BahauddinPhirray50431
Mandi BahauddinPind Kalu50301
Mandi BahauddinPind Makko50561
Mandi BahauddinPindi Lala50431
Mandi BahauddinPindi Rawan50581
Mandi BahauddinRaikey50431
Mandi BahauddinRajoa50441
Mandi BahauddinRakh Nihal Singh50331
Mandi BahauddinRandhir50331
Mandi BahauddinRasul50370
Mandi BahauddinRasul Dhapai50371
Mandi BahauddinRattowal50431
Mandi BahauddinRerka Bala50581
Mandi BahauddinRukkan50510
Mandi BahauddinSahibjwal50481
Mandi BahauddinSahna50531
Mandi BahauddinSaida50431
Mandi BahauddinSanda50581
Mandi BahauddinSandhan Wala50281
Mandi BahauddinSarlay Kalan50441
Mandi BahauddinShaheedan Wali50401
Mandi BahauddinShumari50531
Mandi BahauddinSirary50431
Mandi BahauddinSiwan50281
Mandi BahauddinSohawa Bulani50470
Mandi BahauddinSohawa Warraichan50301
Mandi BahauddinSoofi Ab-e-hayat50401
Mandi BahauddinThatha Wahab50461
Mandi BahauddinThati Mureed50431
Mandi BahauddinTiba Mank Shah50481
Mandi BahauddinTrawanian Wala50331
Mandi BahauddinWapda Colony (mandi Bahauddin)50420
Mandi BahauddinWara Alam Shah50531
Mandi BahauddinWara Chamian50401
Mandi BahauddinWaraichan Wala50281
Mandi BahauddinWasu50401
Mandi BahauddinWasuwal50531


Post Code you had searched is 50400 , which is in MANDI BAHAUDDIN G. P. O. and this particular post office is operating from Mandi Bahauddin postal office. This postal office is located in Punjab province in Pakistan. This is general post office and has attached branch office with in it. The postal code of attached branch postal office is 50401