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Chaito چیتو


Info. By. Afzal H. Tarar

Village historical and latest information

Location of the village: CHAYTO or Chaito is located at South-West part of District Mandi Bahauddin in Tehsil Phalia. Its a historical village whose roots go back to Mughal period. Population (inhabitants) of the village is approximately 2,000 people with majority of women as 56%. Founder of the village. It was founded by a hindu merchant namely chaita ram. A small canal passes through the lands of this village which irrigates and provides a scenic point for the people.

Historical Importance

This village served as a defense point for Mughals as a historical burj is present here which was being built for defense purposes by Mughals.

Neighboring Villages

Parts (Mohullas) and braudaries in the village. No specific mohallahs or parts exist as this is not much complicated settling. Dhunni Kalan is in north, Ddhuni Khurd in north east, Nawn Lok in east, Walayat Wala and Sherewala in south, Jaja oor in west. Chaito is approximately 45 km at southwest from m b din.

Nature of People Of The Village

People are polite and hardworking. It is considered as example for its extra ordinary economic progress in the nearby villages.

Social Personalities Of The Village:

  • Fiaz Ahmed Tarar. (Chairman usher and zakat)
  • Shahid Mehmood Tarar (well known agriculturist)
  • Amjad iqbal ranjha (social worker)
  • Muhammad Afzal Ranjha (Ex. UC chairman)

Highly Qualified Personalities Of The Village:

  • Mr. Zafar Iqbal Tarar (District & Session Judge)
  • Mr. Afzal Hayat Tarar (Additional Deputy Commissioner Gujrat) (M.Sc. IR, L.L.b)
  • Ata ul Mustafa Khalid (M.A. education)
  • Munawar Iqbal Tarar (B.Sc Eng)
  • Ghulam Rasool (M.A Urdu)
  • Mumtaz Ahmed Tarar (M.A, L.L.b)

People In Civil Service or Abroad.

  1. Zafar Iqbal Tarar Senior (Civil Judge)
  2. Mumtaz Ahmed Tarar (Civil Judge)
  3. Afzal Hayat Tarar (Assistant Director Foreign Office)
  4. Munavvar Iqbal Tarar (PTCL Engineer)
  5. Mukhtar Ahmed Tarar (Banker)

and a huge number of teachers and Expatriates and working abroad

Schools, Collages, Mosques and Madrasas In The Village:

  1. Govt. Elementary School for boys
  2. Govt. Girls Primary School
  3. A Private School

Four Mosques, one Madrissa are serving the village.

Hospitals and Shops In The Village

Private clinics are present. A huge bulk of shops is available.

Source Of Income

Agriculture is the main source of income. Some people are also in government jobs and working abroad.

Main castes

  • Tarar
  • Ranjha
  • Gondal

جٹ برادری کی تاریخ

Main Crops of The Village

  • Rice
  • Wheat
  • Sugarcane
  • Kinnoo
  • fodder crops

Media And Communication:

Telephone and television

Mazars or Other Historical Buildings

  1. Darbar  Hazrat Mian Nikka
  2. Darbar Hazrat Shah Murad
  3. Darbar Hazrat Mian Ishaq
  4. Darbar Hazarat Mian Laddha
  5. Free time & Hobby


  • Volleyball
  • Kabbadi
  • Killi Bandar
  • Gulli Danda
  • Cricket.

May Allah bless this village

Information Provided By: Afzal H. Tarar

Last edit on 04-10-2022