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naeem aziz sandhu police

Naeem Aziz Sandhu DPO Mandi Bahauddin

Naeem Aziz Sandhu نعیم عزیز سندھو

Who is DPO Mandi Bahauddin?

Mr. Naeem Aziz Sandhu is the new DPO of Mandi Bahauddin. Mr. Naeem Aziz Sandhu has assumed the charge of District Police Officer Mandi Bahauddin on 03-08-2022 (Friday). Before him, Mr. Sajid Hussain Khokhar were the DPO of Mandi Bahauddin.

naeem aziz sandhu police

Qualification of Naeem Aziz Sandhu:

  • Mr. Naeem Aziz Sandhu’s qualification is Masters (Economics)
  • He dis his Masters in Economics from Government College Lahore, F.Sc from FC College Lahore and Matriculation from D.P.S Faisalabad.

Meaning of DPO

DPO is stands for District Police Officer. DPO is the head of Police Officers of the District.

Mandi Bahauddin Police

The District Police Mandi Bahauddin is an integral unit of Punjab Police. Mandi Bahauddin consists 3 sub-Divisions and 11 Police stations. The head of each Police station is an officer of the rank of Inspector, called Station House Officer (SHO). A group of Police stations constitute a Police sub-division which is supervised by an officer of the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP).

Mandi Bahauddin Police Stations Telephone Numbers