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village khoosar or khusar

Khoosar کھوسر

Khoosar کھوسر

By Baba Sikandar Hayyat Dhottar


The village Khoosar کھوسر , Khosar or Khusar is at Jokalian-Asadullahpur Road. Its 27 Km from Gujrat in west and 40 km from Mandi Bahauddin in south east. Phalia is just 19 km in the west of the village.


According to the Baba Sikandar who is info provider of khoosar and is round about 150 years old and numberdar of the village, Khoosar was one of the sons of Thakkar. Khoosar, Long and Pindi Dhotarran were sons of Mughal and Mughal was the son of Thakkar. He was Dhotarr. He came from the river side due to flood reasons before round about 230 years. Khoosar started living in this village which was later on known by his name Khoosar. Now a days, the area of the village belongs to dhotarr familly, arain familly, and kumihar familly.

village khoosar or khusar


Founder of the village was known as Khoosar. He was dhotarr.

Main Casts:

  • Dhothar
  • Arain
  • Kumhar


Population of the village is round about 4,000 persons.

Neighboring Villages:

  1. Ratti Pindi – east
  2. Pindi Dhotrran – west
  3. Narang – south east
  4. Chahrrke – south east

Nature Of People:

People of the village are very hospitable, friendly, hard working, very polite and decent people.
Very calm area, almost no crime and moderate.


70 Muraba

Source Of Income:

Source of income of village comes agriculture sector. govt services, and most of the people are living abroad (Spain. America, England, middle east etc.)

Social Personalities:

  1. Munawar Dhotar Nazim
  2. Shareef s/o Ghulam Ahmed Arain
  3. Nawab s/o Rahmat Khan Dhotarr
  4. Ghulam Qadir Dhotarr

Highly Qualified Persons:

  • Noor Muhammad Dhotarr (civil judge)
  • Ch. Bahadur Ali (late) Ex. Member Zilah council/ chairman
  • Ch. Munawar Hussain Dhothar (Ex. Nazim/Chairman UC 42 Narang)
  • Ch. Noor Muhammad Dhothar (Additional District & Session Judge)
  • Ch. Mahmood Ul Hassan Dhothar (Advocate High Court)
  • Ch. Ammad Hassan Dhothar (surgeon Doctor)
  • Ch. Muhammad Arshad Dhothar (SHO Punjab Police)
  • Bahadar hussain (Chairman)
  • Dr. Talib Hussain (MBBS)
  • Irshad Ahmad (SHO)
  • Master Muhammad Sadeeq
  • Master Minhaas (Headmaster)


Basic Health Unit (govt hospital ) is working in the village

Education sector:

  • Govt Middle school for boys
  • Govt Elementary School for girls


Moon Light Public school for girls


  • Jamia Masjid
  • Arain ki Masjid
  • Deobandi Masjid

Union Council:

Narang is Union Council of the area.

Social Welfare Organizations:

  • Welfare Society Khosar


  • TV
  • Mobile
  • PTCL
  • Internet


Jokalian to Mungowal via khoosar.


  • Shah Salmani


14-R and 15-R passes by the village and area of the village is very beautiful. Its at the Bank of the River Chenab.

Main crops

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Sugar cane
  • Bajara
  • Jawar



  • Volley ball
  • Cricket
  • Kabaddi

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)

Information provided by Baba Sikandar Hayyat Dhottar