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Tag: Mandi Bahauddin Murala

Murala مرالہ

Murala مرالہ

Info. by Ijaz Ahmed
associate engineer Electrical and biomedical form PIMS Islamabad

Last edited by Muhammad Zaman Warraich


Old people say that Murala was established in MUGLIA goverنment and some of them says that look after of two children of king Akber was held in MURALA. It is also known as TAKHT MURALA.

General Information:

MURALA is situated 25 km in the east of the city mandi bahuddin and 12 km in the south east of the city  PHALIA and  10 km in the north of famous town Chilianwala.
It’s a very beautiful village surrounded by green fields all around .There is a big canal near the village known as RASUL—- QADIR ABAD link canal.
The population of the village is round about 20,000. The cast of the foumder of the village was warraich.

Cast, Brauderies  in the village:

There are many brautheries in the village ,known as

  • Babe wazeer kay
  • Babe mane kay
  • Gujer
  • Gondals
  • Supra
  • Mughal
  • Babe agum kay
  • Mirza
  • Mughal
  • Janjuas
  • Maliks
  • Qureshi
  • Bhatti



Nature of People of the village:

People of the village are very friendly, caring, honest, peaceful and hospitable ,so the village is known as Aman ka ghaghwara through whole the distt.

Source of income of the village:

Most people of the village are govt servants , mostly are teachers .a big number of the people is living abroad and they send a lot of money in the village …so U can say that the income of the village is good.. alot of people work in agricultural,,,irrigation,fish forming,and labor..

People in Civil Service or abroad:

Many people of the village are related to the teaching line .and a lot of people joined in defence department( army, air force, Navy)… and also a big number of people living abroad, (Saudi Arabia, europian countries, America, Africa, Korea).

Neighbouring villages, towns and geographical landmarks:

In the north side of the village ,there are seven villages of the SAHI cast named as Dhoke Kasib ,Dhoke Joddi, Dhoke Murad, and Saharan, In the east side of the village there is Rasul pur ,Helaan ,and in the south side of the village  ,bagganwala, duburji ,are situated and in the western side there are many villages available ,like ,churund, Jassik, dhoke shahani…

Social Personalities of the Village:

  1. Muhammad Iqbal shafqat..EX nazim union council
  2. Ch.Mazhar Hussain warraich
  3. Ch.Mehdi supra
  4. Ch.Muhammad Boota ( numberdaar)
  5. Arshad Iqbal(ex labour councler)
  6. Hassan Muhammad.Thekkedar
  7. Ch.Willait hussain warraich..EX member distt council
  8. Ch. Sardar.Khan (late)
  9. Ch. Khaleef Ahmad (late)

Social welfare persons

  1. Master Nazeer Ahmed GillCh
  2. Mehdi sipraCh
  3. Manzoor Hussain Warraich

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village:

  1. Dr. Naser Iqbal Warrich. M.Sc(Hons) Agri UAF Ph.D.(Hort) Turkey Director Biological Science Research. PFI Peshwer Pakistan.
  2. Dr. Ijaz Ahmed ( Ex M.S .Mue hospital Lahore)
  3. Dr. Bashir Ahmed Bhatti
  4. Muhammad Azam Warraich Engineer/Doha Qatar.
  5. Dr. Nawaz Ahmed  warraich. MBBS
  6. Basheer Ahmed Gujjar (Ex .Principal .Islamia High School Mandi bahuddin)
  7. Zubair Ahmed Warraich. Textile engineer
  8. Muhammad Afzal Bhatti. (cameraman PTV)
  9. Muhamamd Akram Bhatti (MSc math …sui northern gas)
  10. Muhammad Afzal (wing commander Air Force)
  11. Mazhar Iqbal warraich ( MSc Math)
  12. Arshad Muneer ( SDO Wapda)
  13. Rashid Munir (SDO civil)
  14. Late. Bashir Ahmed (Ex headmaster govt. high school Murala)
  15. Zulkefl Warraich. ( 1st CSS Officer)  of Murala
  16. Ijaz Ahmed. Associate engineer electrical mechanic
  17. Munir Ahmed Iqbal,MBA(marketing),Export Assistant, Servis Shoes.
  18. Muhammad Zaman Warraich (B.Sc Electrical Engineering), Iraq

Culture  of the Village:

The atmosphere of the village is open-minded and a little religious. There is one central community centre (chupal) in the village. The individuals in the village have established the private chupal in large numbers. The promising youth is in touch with sports and discussions. So chupals and the grounds remain always occupied.

Schools, Collages, Mosques and Madrasas in the village:

There are two Govt boys High schools and  one Govt girls Higher secondary  school are available in the village .and also there is one intermediate school is available. There are six mosques in the village and One jamia masjid is available. There is only one madrassa is available in the village which is known as MADRASSA QASIM AL ALOOM.
There are three main private schools in the village.

  • Ghazali model school Murala.
  • Farooqi Model school Murala.
  • Vision model school Murala

Approximately 1000 students studying in these private schools…

Hospitals , medical stores and shops in the village:

There is one hospital named as Rural health centre.It has a  very big area but staff is not enough so we want there more staff. There are many medical stores  available in the village and round each type of medicine can be obtained by these stores.
Shops are almost in each street of the village  from where we can buy  every thing of our need from these shops….there are garments shops ,,shoes shops,, cosmetics shops and almost furniture shops are available in our beautiful village MURALA.

Main casts:

  • Gondal
  • Warraich
  • Sipra
  • Jurra
  • Kumaar
  • Qassaeee
  • Malak(teli)
  • Qureshi
  • Muslim Sheikh
  • Janjua
  • Mughal
  • Mahranay
  • Gujjar
  • Arain

Main crops and fruits in the village:

  1. Berseem
  2. tobaco
  3. Bajra(millet)
  4. Maize
  5. Jowar(sorghum)
  6. Wheat
  7. Rice
  8. Sugarcane
  9. Potato
  10. Lucerne

Media and Communication:

  • Internet
  • Telephone
  • Mobile services
  • TV
  • Radio
  • News papers

are the best ways of media communication.

Mazars or other historical buildings in Village:

There are 3 historical buildings  are present in the centre of the village.Hindus left these buildings there .
There are four mazars near the village

  • Baba Abdul salam
  • Sher shah

Canal and parks:

There is one very famous canal ,Rasul Qadir abad  rabta canal, near  the village .


Last Edited on 21st July, 2020