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Musa Khurd موسیٰ خورد

Musa Khurd موسیٰ خورد

Musa Khurd موسیٰ خورد


The establishment of village Musa Khurd موسیٰ خورد came before the establishment of the United Indian Subcontinent. A large number of Hindus and Sikhs were staying here. But Muslims were also in the minority. On the western side of the village on the right side of the canal was the Hindu cremation ground which was an open field and full of wild bushes. And passing by there, the day was also afraid. Here they used to burn their dead and I have heard regular mention of it from the mouth of my maternal grandmother who was young in consciousness before the establishment of Pakistan.

Musa Khurd was named after an old Hindu Jodhu Musa and they were two brothers. One was named Jodhu Musa and the other was Variya Musa. Jodhu Musa was younger and Variya Musa was the elder brother and both of them had more agricultural holdings. For this reason, two villages came into existence in the name of these brothers, Musa Khurd and the neighboring village Musa Kalan.

After the establishment of Pakistan, Hindu and Sikh pilgrims migrated to India and most of the population migrated and the rest remained Muslims. Even today, in this village, there are many buildings from before the establishment of Pakistan, which tell the story of their time and are worth visiting.

منڈی بہاوالدین کا جنوب مغربی قدیم گاؤں موسیٰ خورد( نکا موسیٰ ) ایک تعارف

موسیٰ خورد کا قیام متحدہ برصغیر پاک و ہند سے پہلے قیام میں آیا، یہاں پر زیادہ تعداد ہندو اور سکھوں کی قیام پزیر تھی لیکن اقلیت میں مسلمان بھی آباد تھے۔ گاوں کے مغربی سمت نہر کے داہنی سمت ہندؤں کا شمشان گھاٹ تھا جو ایک کھلے میدان اور جنگلی جھاڑیوں سے بھرا ہوا تھا اور وہاں سے گزرتے ہوئے دن کو بھی خوف آتا تھا۔ یہاں پر وہ اپنے مردے جلایا کرتے تھے اور اس کا باقاعدہ ذکر میں نے اپنی نانی اماں کے منہ سے سن رکھا ہے جو کہ قیام پاکستان سے قبل ہوش و حواس میں جوان تھی.
موسیٰ خورد کا نام ایک ہندو بوڑھے جودھو موسیٰ سے پڑا تھا اور یہ دو بھائی تھے ایک کا نام جودھو موسیٰ اور دوسرے کا نام وریا موسیٰ تھا۔ جودھو موسیٰ چھوٹا تھا اور وریا موسیٰ بڑا بھائی تھا اور ان دونوں کی ہی زیادہ زرعی ملکیت تھی اور اسی وجہ سے ان بھائیوں کے نام پر دو گاوں وجود میں آئے موسیٰ خورد اور ساتھ والا گاؤں موسیٰ کلاں.
قیام پاکستان کے بعد ہندو اور سکھ یاتری ہندوستان ہجرت کرگئے اور زیادہ آبادی نقل مکانی کر گئی باقی مسلمان رہ گئے۔ آج بھی اس گاؤں میں قیام پاکستان کے پہلے کی کافی عمارات موجود ہیں جو اپنے وقت کا پتہ بتاتی ہیں اور دیکھنے کے قابل ہیں.
Musa Khurd موسیٰ خورد

Main Casts:

Prominent castes in Musa Khurd include
  • Lilla
  • Gondal
  • Ranjha
  • Marth
Most of the Musa Khurds are non-agricultural castes. In which
  • Arayans
  • Muhajirs
  • Mochi
  • Kumhar
  • Julah
  • Muslim Sheikhs
  • Teli
  • Nai
  • Tarkhan

Famous Personalities:

  1. Chaudhry Sher Muhammad Gondal
  2. Chaudhry Ghulam Haider Lilla
  3. Chaudhry Khan Muhammad Lilla
  4. Chaudhary Sultan Mahmud Lilla
  5. Chaudhry Javed Lilla
  6. Chaudhry Parvez Lilla
  7. Chaudhry Safdar Lilla
  8. Sohail Lilla
  9. Ali Nayyar Lilla
  10. Chaudhry Sultan Sikandar Advocate
  11. Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas Numberdar
  12. Maher Dost Muhammad
  13. Chaudhry Hanif Marth
  14. Muhammad Nawaz Gondal
  15. Anar Gondal
  16. Master Ahmed Yar Gondal
  17. Mulazim Hussain Atif Qureshi
  18. Aslam Ranjha
  19. Manzoor Khajana Ranjha
  20. Maher Shaukat
  21. Maher Advocate Naseer Babar
  22. Mazhar Shehzad Mochi
  23. Khalid Iqbal Kumhar
  24. Manoor Iqbal Kumar
  25. Sikandar Hayat Gondal Baati Da
  26. Aslam Gondal
  27. God bless Marth


Educated Personalities:

  1. Among the prominent educational figures of Musa Khurd
  2. Mudassar Qureshi (P.hd)
  3. Ali Nairillah (M.Phil) University of Lahore
  4. Sultan Sikandar Gondal (MA Eng) Panjab University
  5. Sohail Lilla Electrical Engineering
  6. Taimur Gondal (BS IT)
  7. Meher Zeeshan (M.Sc Physic)
  8. Mazhar Mochi
etc. have prominent status.


The land of Musa Khurd is very fertile. Prominent fields of the village are

  • Rice
  • Sugarcane
  • Wheat
  • Bajra
  • Makai
  • Jowar

and other seasonal crops are cultivated.

Means of Earning:

Most of Musa Khurd’s population is employed abroad, including Italy, France, England, Spain, Hong Kong, Malaysia in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar and Kuwait and Oman etc.
In addition, most of them are engaged in agriculture and some of them are employed. Among them
  1. Mudassar Qureshi (Assistant Director Atomic Energy)
  2. Sultan Sikander (Research Officer Punjab Assembly)
  3. Ali Nirullah (School Education Department)
  4. Mazhar Mochi (Punjab Police)
  5. Asif Mochi (Punjab Police)
  6. Osama Zafar (Punjab Police)
  7. Nafeesar Lullah (Nik Clerk Pakistan Army)
  8. Taimur Sikandar Gondal
  9. Hasnat Gondal
  10. Majid Aslam Gondal
  11. Meher Dost Mohammad
are prominent in the business class.
This is the information regarding Musa Khurd which is provided with complete impartiality. May Allah make this village double day and night four times. Ameen

Information was provided by: 

Ali Nayyar Chaudhary