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Tag: Mandi Bahauddin to Rawalpindi

Mandi Bahauddin Transport Rent list (June 2020)

Consequent upon recent decreases in fuel prices and directions of Transport Department, Govt. of the Punjab, Lahore vide letter No. TAI-2020/162 Dated: 17th May, 2020, Fares hereby reduced from the existing fares in District Mandi Bahauddin are as under


Rent list of AC PSV Transport Routes

Mandi Bahauddin Transport Rent (AC PSV)

Sr. No.RoutePrevious Fare (Rs.)Current Fare (20% reduced)
1Mandi Bahauddin to Lahore via Motorway (Daewoo)550450
2Mandi Bahauddin to Lahore via Gujrat (Hiace)450370
3Mandi Bahauddin to Faisalabad (Coaster)450380
4Mandi Bahauddin to Gujranwala (Coaster)220180
5Mandi Bahauddin to Rawalpindi via Jehlum (Hiace)430350
6Mandi Bahauddin to Sargodha (Hiace)250210
Mandi Bahauddin local Transport rent (AC PSV)


Rent list of Non AC PSV Transport Routes

Transport Rent (None AC PSV)

Sr. No.RoutePrevious Fare as per (0.93 paisa per KM Rs.)Current Reduced Fare as per (0.78 paisa per KM Rs)
1Mandi Bahauddin to Lahore Via Gujrat186.93156.78
2Mandi Bahauddin to Gujranwala via Qadirabad Barrage97.6581.9
3Mandi Bahauddin to Gujranwala via Gujrat114.3995.94
4Mandi Bahauddin to Gujrat68.8257.72
5Mandi Bahauddin to Sialkot via Wazirabad129.27108.42
6Mandi Bahauddin to Rawalpindi via Jehlum170.19142.74
7Mandi Bahauddin to Sargodha via Malakwal137.64115.44
8Mandi Bahauddin to Sargodha via Head Faqerian128.34107.64
9Mandi Bahauddin to Pind Dadan Khan58.5949.14
10Mandi Bahauddin to Tahli Adda69.7558.5
11Mandi Bahauddin to Hafizabad via Qadirabad Barrage82.7769.42
12Mandi Bahauddin to Kharian via Dinga49.2941.34
Mandi Bahauddin Local Transport Rent (None AC PSV)


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