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Tag: Mano Chak

mano chak

Mano Chak مانو چک

Mano Chak مانو چک


Mano Chak مانو چک also called as Chak Mano is older than 500 years. It was established by a person called Mano Tarar.

General Information

There are more parts of this village along with main big village, they are small Mano Chak and Dera Behram. The population of my village is about 25,000 thousand people. In the east of my village there is  big Canal called RQ-Link (Rasul-Qadirabad Link). The people of the village are very nice and peaceful.
The main source of income is Agriculture but now many people are living in abroad to earn money and support their families in their village. And some people are in Civil Service.

mano chak

Nearest Villages | گاؤں کے قريبی ديھات

Mano Chak is situated on Main GT-road (Gujrat-Sargodha road) and is 9 km from Phalia City and about 25 kilometers from city Mandi-bahauddin. Village Jano Chak is in the east, Mian da Lok (Kot Ghulam Rasul) in north, Dhareekaan in south and Chak Dhala in the west of my village.

  1. North – Mian Da Chak
  2. East – Jano Chak
  3. South – Dherekan
  4. West – Chak Dala

Main Castes | گاؤں کی اہم ذاتيں

Tarar, Warraich, Moghul, Mirza and Mouhajjar are main families in village.

  • Tarar 50%
  • Cheema 20%
  • Tarkhan 15%
  • Gondal 10%
  • Warraich 10%
  • Lohar 10%
  • Others 5%

Social Personalities |گاؤں کی فلاعی شخصيات

  1. Ch. Sahlay Muhammad Tarar
  2. Ch. Muhammad Ashraf Tarar
  3. Ch. Bashir Ahmed Tarar
  4. Ch. Sahi s/o Mahla  Tarar
  5. Dera Bharam ka
  6. Muhammad Mansha Tarar
  7. Ch. Muhammad Ashraf Tarar
  8. Ch. M. Akram Tarar
  9. Ch. Hajji Sharif Tarar
  10. Ch. Asghar Tarar

Highly Qualified Personalities:

  • Irfan Ahmad Tarar (Civil Judge)
  • Zafar Yaab Chadder (Civil Judge Lahore)
  • Jamshaid Tarar (Manager bank mano chak)
  • Master Shafee Muhammad (Teacher govt. high school Mano chak)
  • Muhmmad Asim Tarar (Principal National grammar school)
  • Mian Asmat ullah (Principal Qadar memorial school)

Schools, Mosques and Madrasas:

  • Govt. High School
  • Govt. Primary School
  • Govt. girls Primary school
  • Al-Jamia tul Islamia Mano Chak
  • Masjid Khazri
  • Jamia Masjid

Industries in the Village:

  1. CSK Ltd. (Phalia Sugar Mills Ltd. )
  2. Rizwan Flore Mills
  3. Gondal Cold Store
  4. Tarar Cold Store

Shops in the Village:

  1. Tarar General Store
  2. Hasnaat Medical Store
  3. Fawad Hamad General Store

Mazars in the Village:

There is very famous shrine of Pir Sadeeq shah oruf Bhurree shah in our village. Every year there is very big mela (Urass) on this shrine where a lot people of village as well as from surrounding areas take part.

  • Baba Bhouray Shah
  • Baba Makhan Shah Lakhoo

Sports of the Village

  • Kabaddi
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Volley Ball

Main Crops

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Sugar Cane
  • Vegetables

Parks and Canals  گاؤں کے قريبی پارک آور نھريں

The village is surrounded with one big canal on the east and one small canal in south of the village. Also a lot of natural scenery around the village.

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)