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Tag: mobile phone prices decrease in pakistan

Government’s announcement to provide smartphones to citizens in installments - mobile phone price in pakistan

Mobile Phone Prices Have Been Decreased In Pakistan

Mobile phone prices have been reduced in Pakistan

Mobile phone prices have been reduced drastically after Pakistan withdraws regulatory duties. Mobile phone users should rejoice as prices of imported mobile phones have been slashed by 25%.

The government has withdrawn the regulatory duty imposed on imported mobile phones, which has made mobile phones cheaper, reports.

Rizwan Irfan, president of Electronic Dealers Association (EDA), said that after the removal of regulatory duty, the prices of imported mobiles have become cheaper in the market.

Government Announced To Provide Mobiles To Citizens In Installments

He has confirmed that prices of imported mobile phones will become 25% cheaper after the government’s decision to remove regulatory duties.

Mr. Rizwan Irfan was of the opinion that after the abolition of regulatory duty, mobile phones are getting cheaper in the market. A mobile worth Rs. 30,000 will become Rs. 22,500.

موبائل فون سم کی تصدیق کا نیا طریقہ کار متعارف کرادیا گیا

He also said that locally manufactured phones have not become cheap while the demand for non-PTA has increased due to high prices of mobile phones.

On the other hand, the citizens said that the reduction in phone prices is good news because phones are the most important need of the time.