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village mong

Mong مونگ

Mong مونگ

Location of the village

Village Mong is located in the north of Tehsil & Distt M.B.Din. The distance of the village from the capital city Islamabad is 150 KMs approx. and from the provincial capital Lahore is 200 KMs approx. and 6 KMs from the District M.B.Din. It’s a beautiful village because at the back it is surrounded by beautiful mountain of Khewra < and River Jhelum and in front of it canal lower Jhelum. You can also find. Short range of “Bela”or jungle at its northwestern side. One of its other specialty is village is situated on “Tibba” means very high from sea level.

History of the village

Mong is a very historical village. Its history goes back to the times of Alexander the great. In that time Raja Pores was the ruler of this area who fought against the great warrior very bravely with his arms and the flock of elephants because of that the great warrior Alexander faced much difficulty to defeat Raja Pores who was defeated first time ever and he was asked by the Alexander “ What should be your penalty.” Raja Pores replied, “The penalty which should be given to a King by the other King.”
From this village 112 people went to the Great War 1939-1945, 6 out of them gave up their lives. For detail History see here

village mong

Population of the village

Population of the village is minimum 35,000 to 40,000.

Nature of the people of the village

The people of the village are very friendly and co-operative not only for each other but to those also who visits this village.

Source of income.

Most of the people are related to the agriculture so that is the main source of income to the people of the village. People in civil service and abroad. 15 % of the total population is in civil service and 10% of the total population is settled in abroad.

Nearby villages

Kotli Afghanan and River Jhelum located in North,  Meerkhan in the west, Lakhnawala, Saheedanwali in East-South, Kharlanwala and Pindi Bahauddin in the south.

Main casts

Rajput , Rajgan , Joiya , Bhole , Maher , Waraich , Gondal , Bhatti , Jhuj , Baryar , Dhudra , Manj , Ghug , Khokhar etc.

Social Personalities of the Village

  1. Raja Ghulam Rasul (U.C Nazim)
  2. Dr. Nazir Ahmad (Ex Nazim UC Mong)
  3. Ch. Ghulam Qadir Jhuj (Principal NGVS Mong)
  4. Raja Mohammad Anwar
  5. Ansar Mehmood Councilor
  6. Ch. Riaz Ahmad Baora
  7. Rana Sharafat Ali
  8. Raja Mohammad Hayat (Ex Chairman UC Mong)
  9. Jahangir Khan Bhatti
  10. Raja Mohammad Boota
  11. Ch. Mazhar Iqbal Jhuj (Chairperson CCB Mong)
  12. Khushi Mohammad Ghug
  13. CH Riaz Ahmad Jhuj
  14. Rana Zulifqar Ali Numberdar
  15. Ch. Mubasher Naeem Jhuj

Social Personalities of the Village in Past

  • Molvi Allah Ditta (Late)
  • CH Ali Muhammad Jhuj ( Late , Ex-Chairman UC MONG )
  • Hafiz Ghulam Mustafa (Late)
  • Haji Ahmad Din Thekaidar (Late)
  • Malik Ghulam Ahmad (Late)
  • Rana Shamshad Ali (Late)
  • Ch. Mehboob Aalam (Late)
  • Rana Shamshad Ali Numberdar (Late)

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

  1. Malik Amjad (Joint secetary , Govt of Pakistan Islamabad)
  2. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Afzal Malik & Family
  3. Muhammad Mansha Khan (Msc MASS. communication)
  4. Khan Mohammad Johar (M.A, M.Ed)
  5. Ch Gulam Qadir Jhuj (Principal NGVS)
  6. Master Sultan Mehmood (M.A English)
  7. Dr. Raja Masud Ahmad (MBBS, Heart Specialist)
  8. Raja Khalid Mehmood M.A , M.Ed)
  9. Rana Abdul Jabbar (MSc Economics)
  10. Malik Altaf Hussain (Ex S.S.T GHS, Mong)
  11. Dr Raja Ulfat Bashir (MBBS Dental Surgeon)
  12. Major Rana Liaqat Ali (Pak Army Education Core, ZOB)
  13. Rana Sadaqat Ali Advocate (B.A, LLB, PU)
  14. Raja Muhammad Shareef (D.S.P)
  15. Fidak Basheer M.A History (Oxford University UK)
  16. Afzaal Ahmad (Flight Lieutenant PAF)

Schools and Colleges in the Village

  • Govt. Commerce College for Boys mong
  • Govt. Degree College mong for Girls
  • Govt. Higher Secondary School mong for Boys
  • Govt. Higher Secondary School mong for Girls
  • Govt. Vocational Training Institute mong.
  • Govt. College of Technology College Rasul. (Which is in fact one of the oldest educational institute in the sub-continent established in 1906.)
  • New Global Village School Mong.
  • Green Public School Mong.

Social Welfare Organizations in the Village

There are no registered social organization in the village but some groups of young boys are working for the welfare of the people. Badshah Company is one of them which is very popular among the people of the village.

  • Mong Welfare Organization
  1. Chairperson ( Dr Nazir Ahmad Baryar , Ex-Nazim UC Mong ),
  2. President ( CH Babar Adeel Jhuj ),
  3. Chief Secetary ( CH Kashif Riaz Baora ),
  4. Secetary ( CH Atif Bashir Baryar )
  5. Chief Organizar, ( CH Irfan Riaz Baryar ).

This Organization has nominated and under-construction it will serve this village by heart and soul

  • Badshah And Company Chairman ( Ansar Mehmood ).

Main Persons devoted for the welfare of the Village are

M. Arshad, Raja Sajjad Anwar, Malik Zahid Masud, Waqas Humair Vicky, Ishtiaq Ahmad, Zafar Iqbal Mirza, Aamir Farooq, Rana Amir Zulfiqar, Tariq Mehmood Prince, Ch Yousaf Joiya.

Popular games of the Village:

Shooting Ball, Cricket, Foot Ball, Kabaddi, Kushti,

People of Mong like all kind of games and other social activities that’s why crime ratio and other social problems are minor.

Parks and Canals

This village is surrounded between one big canal on South , and River Jehlum on the North. Also Rasul Barrage is not far away from village and there are some natural lakes near to the Village. Also a lot of natural scenary around the village.