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Tag: NA-68 MBDIN-I

NA-68 Mandi Bahauddin-I Election 2024

NA-68 Mandi Bahauddin-I Election 2024

NA-68 Mandi Bahauddin-I

In Pakistan, there are general elections every five years to select members of the National Assembly (MNA) and the Provincial Assembly (MPA). Pakistan is divided into different constituencies. Each constituency is represented by an MNA in the National Assembly. These MNAs are given a specific name according to their area that represents them. In this article you have provided all the details about NA-68 Mandi Bahauddin-I

Mandi Bahauddin Constituencies

District Mandi Bahauddin has been divided into two constituencies. Returning officers and Assistant Returning Officers have been appointed in both constituencies.

  1. NA-68 Mandi Bahauddin-I
  2. NA-69 Mandi Bahauddin-II

List of candidates for NA-68 Mandi Bahauddin-I

According to the data shared by the Returning Officer of NA 68 Mandi Bahauddin I, a total of 24 applications were received. The list of candidates is given below.

Name Symbol Allotted Party Affiliation  Address
Afzaal Ahmad Gondal s/o Nazir Ahmad Gondal Cricket Stumps (73) Independent Chah Bhulwan, Bhikhi Sharif, MBDIN
Arshad Mahmood s/o Ghulam Rasool MIC (174) Independent Pindi Bahauddin, MBDIN
Asif Bashir s/o Bashir Ahmad Arrow (12) PPPP Bhagat, P/O Dherekan, Tehsil Phalia, MBDIN
Ch. Akhtar Mahmood Sahi s/o Ch. Sher Muhammad Sahi Still Camera (261) Independent Dhok Kasib, MBDIN
Ch. Asad Ayaz Gondal s/o Ch. Umar Hayat Gondal Kettle (153) Independent Sohawa Bolani, MBDIN
Chaudhary Ghulam Hussain Bosal s/o Chaudhary Muhammad Nawaz Bosal Clock (60) Independent Tiba Manak Khan Bosal, Bosal Sukha, Tehsil Malakwal, MBDIN
Faraz Ahmad Tarar s/o Ashiq Hussain Tarar Hand Pump (130) Independent Saida Shaif, Tehsil Phalia, MBDIN
Haji Imtiaz Ahmed Choudhary s/o Haji Ahmad Aeroplan (2) Independent Janjua Town, Phalia Road, MBDIN
Hamza Asghar s/o Asghar Ali Water Cooler (317) Independent Chak No. 16, Tehsil Malakwal, MBDIN
Ifran Siddique s/o Muhammad Siddique New Kashmir Colony, MBDIN
Muhammad Akbar s/o Karam Elahi Study Table with Chair (263) Independent Dherekan Khurd, Tehsil Phalia, MBDIN
Muhammad Akram Tahir s/o Shan Muhammad Crane (71) TLP Pindi Bahauddin, MBDIN
Muhammad Irfan s/o Muhammad Yaqoob Chair (55) PMML Mohallah Islam Nagar, MBDIN
Muhammad Riaz Farooq Sahi s/o Haji Sultan Ahmad Scale (232) JI Dhok Kasib, MBDIN
Muhammad Zulqernain s/o Ghulam Rasool Medal (173) Independent Dhok Kasib, MBDIN
Mukhtar Ahmad s/o Shan Muhammad Racket (214) Independent Dera Bahawal Ka, Ahla Road, MBDIN
Mumtaz Ahmad Tarar s/o Chaudhary Sher Muhammad Hukkah (141) Independent Tarar House, Phalia Road, MBDIN
Mushahid Raza s/o Karim Dad Tiger (284) PML(N) Chillianwala, MBDIN
Mustafa Ahmed Kamal s/o Mushtaq Ahmad Ahla, MBDIN
Muzammal Hussain S/O Fazal Hussain Pindi Kalu, tehsil Phalia, MBDIN
Naseeb Shahzad s/o Muhammad Akram Top (288) Independent Dhok Kasib, MBDIN
Nasrulllah Khan s/o Ghulam Nabi Transformer (294) Independent Bukkan, Tehsil Malakwal, MBDIN
Rashid Bashir s/o Bashir Ahmad Bear (22) Independent Bhagat, P/O Dherekan, Tehsil Phalia, MBDIN
Sajjad Aslam s/o Muhammad Aslam Peacock (194) Independent Jhulana Shalimar Town, Phalia Road, MBDIN
Tariq Mehmood s/o Sher Muhammad Bottle (32) Independent Dhok Kasib, MBDIN
Usman Azmat Choudhary s/o Chaudhary Azmat Ullah Kot Baloch, MBDIN
Zaheer Mujahid s/o Kareem Dad Brick (35) Independent Chillianwala, MBDIN

PTI Tickets 2024 in Mandi Bahauddin

PMLN Tickets 2024 Mandi Bahauddin

PMML Tickets 2024 in Mandi Bahauddin

Registered Voters in NA-68 Mandi Bahauddin-I

How many number of registered voters in NA 68 Mandi Bahauddin-I for National Assembly constituency? The list is given below.

Total Number of Registered Voters in the Constituency NA-68
Male Voters 281,389
Female Voters 229,079
Total Voters 510,468
Population 936,239

Returning Officers for NA-68 MBDIN-I

Name of RO Designation Office
Ghulam Murtaza Additional Deputy Commissioner (F&P) Mandi Bahauddin

Hafiz Ghulam Murtaza is appointed as Returning Officer for NA-68 Mandi Bahauddin-I Constituency. He is working as Additional Deputy Commissioner (Finance and Planning) in Mandi Bahauddin district complex. There are two Assistant Returning Officers for NA 68 MBDIN constituency.

Assistant Returning Officers for NA-68 MBDIN-I

Name of ARO Designation Office
Abdul Basit Assistant Director Planning Deputy Director Development
Muhammad Nawaz Jafri District Education Officer (SE) Mandi Bahauddin

Abdul Basit is appointed as Assistant Returning Officer for NA 68 Mandi Bahauddin-I Constituency. He is working as Assistant Director Planning in office of Deputy Director Development Mandi Bahauddin.

Muhammad Nawaz Jafri is appointed as Assistant Returning Officer for NA 68 Mandi Bahauddin-I Constituency. He is working as District Education Officer (Secondary) Mandi Bahauddin.

Mandi Bahauddin Constituencies

Mandi Bahauddin district is divided into four constituencies for Provincial seats. Returning Officers and Assistant Returning Officers have been appointed in both the constituencies.

  1. PP-40 Mandi Bahauddin-I
  2. PP-41 Mandi Bahauddin-II
  3. PP-42 Mandi Bahauddin-III
  4. PP-43 Mandi Bahauddin-IV