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kuthiala khurd

Pandowal Bala پانڈووال بالا

Pandowal Bala پانڈووال بالا

Info By: Shansha Usama


The village Pandowal Bala پانڈووال  بالا is located near Kuthiala Shaikhan in Tehsil & District Mandi Bahauddin. It is a historical village.

Neighbouring Villages:

Sources Of Income

The majority of the villagers are engaged in agriculture. Some people also work as labourer. most of the youth of the villagers are employed abroad.

Major Casts

The majority of the villagers belong to the Ranjha family while there are some other tribes like

  • Ranjha
  • Gondal
  • Tarar
  • Kadhar
  • Gheba
  • Sial
  • Makhen
  • Bhinder
  • Chadhar
  • Wraich
  • Hanjra
  • Lillah
  • Miany
  • Lohar
  • Mochi
  • mahajar
  • Kasbi
  • Kumhar
  • Muslim shaikh
  • Qureshi
  • Darzi
  • Machii
  • Taili
  • Nai

Pakistani Village Pictures: Tobacco crop in a village - Photos of Pakistani Villages

Famous Personalities:

  1. Ch. Sultan Mahmood Ranjha
  2. Ch. Abid Hussain Numberdar
  3. Ch. Aslam Sardar Tarar
  4. Ch. Allah Bakhash Gondal
  5. Ch. Yasir Arfat Gondal
  6. Ch. Ahmad khan Ranjha
  7. Ch. Haroon Gondal
  8. Ch. Sajid Imran Sial
  9. Ch. Mansha Gheba
  10. Ch. Aslam Ranjha
  11. Ch. Abass Ranjha
  12. Ch. Aslam Mutali khan Ranjha
  13. Ch. Ishtiaq Ahmad Ranjha Numberdar
  14. CH Sikandar Hayat Ranjha
  15. Ch. Manak Ali Ranjha
  16. Ch. Sajjid Ranjha Numberdar
  17. Ch. Sanawar Iqbal Ranjha
  18. Ch. Noraiz Ahsan Ranjha
  19. Ch. Basheer Mutali khan Ranjha
  20. Ch. Azhar Sohail Ranjha
  21. Ch. Muhammad Yousaf Gondal (PWS)
  22. Ch. Riaz Ahmad Ranjha
  23. Ch. Muhammad Nawaz Ranjha
  24. Ch. Umer Hayat Numberdar
  25. Ch. Tahir Mahmood Makhen
  26. Ch. Munawar Iqbal Ranjha
  27. Ch. Mumtaz Ahmad Gondal
  28. Ch. Azhar Pervaiz Ranjha
  29. Ch. Zubair Ahmad Ranjha
  30. Ch. Farhat Naveed Ranjha
  31. Ch. Mansha Bhinder
  32. Ch. walait Ranjha
  33. Ch. Oranzaib Ranjha
  34. Ch. Liaqat Ali Ranjha
  35. Ch. Fathy Muhammad Ranjha
  36. Ch. Zafar Iqbal Ranjha
  37. Ch. Muhammad Ashraf Kadhar
  38. Ch. Mazhar Iqbal Sial
  39. Ch. Imtiaz Ahmad Waraich
  40. Ch. Amjad Shehzad Ranjha
  41. Ch. Zulfqar Ali Ranjha
  42. Ch. Muhammad Azam Ranjha
  43. Ch. Iftikhar Ahmad Gondal
  44. Ch. Shokat Ali Lillah
  45. Ch. Muhammad Ashraf Ranjha
  46. Ch. Gulam Ali Gondal
  47. Ch. Ijaz Ahmad Lillah
  48. Ch. Zafar Ranjha ASI
  49. Ch. Shafqat Javeed Tarar
  50. Ch. Qaisar Farooq Ranjha
  51. Ch. Awais Ranjha

Educated People

  • Zahid Sardar Ranjha (principle Govt. Islamia High school)
  • Muhammad Yousaf Gondal (Govt. Teacher)
  • Master Amjad Ranjha (Govt. Teacher)
  • Master Iftikhar Ranjha(Govt. Teacher)
  • Master Zafar Kadhar(Govt. Teacher)
  • Master Afzal Kadhar (Govt. Teacher)
  • ADV Waqas Ranjha (Govt. Teacher)
  • Hammad Ul Umer Hamid Ranjha(M.A Education)
  • Zafer Iqbal Ranjha(Railway Officer)
  • Shoaib Ahmad Ranjha(Inspector)
  • Sikander Hayat (Manager)
  • Muzamal Shezad Ranjha (Punjab Police)
  • Sohail Ranjha (Dr)
  • Mohsin Aftab Ranjha (Dr)
  • Hakeem Mustafa Ahmad Farooqi (Dr)
  • Farhat Naveed Ranjha (Income Tax)
  • Imran Ashraf Ranjha (Punjab Police)
  • Zafar Iqbal Ranjha (Punjab Police)
  • Safder Iqbal Ranjha (Punjab Police)
  • Syed Qamar Gillani(Punjab Police)
  • Waseem Nawaz Ranjha (FIA)
  • Waqas Tanveer Ranjha(Punjab Police)
  • Sheezad Asghar Tarar(Punjab Police)
  • Shahansha Usama Ranjha


Govt. Islamia High School Pandowal Bala

Govt. Girls High School Pandowal Bala

Pandowal Welfare Society

پانڈووال ویلفیئر سوسائٹی ایک منافع بخش اور غیر سیاسی فلاہی تنظیم ہے جس کا مقصد مستحق لوگوں کی کسی بھی قیمت پر مدد کرنا ہے۔

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)

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Information Provided By: Shansha Usama

Email Address:

Last update: 10-12-2022

channi syedan mandi bahauddin villages

Channi Syedan چھنی سیداں

Channi Syedan چھنی سیداں

Info by: Shoukat Ali Kurar


The village Channi Syedan چھنی سیداں is located near Kala Shadian bank of the river chenab in phalia tehsil of Mandi Bahauddin district. It is a historical village.

Neighboring Villages

In the east side of Channi Syedan is Bahri village and in the west is Jago and Qadirabad.

Sources Of Income

The majority of the villagers are engaged in agriculture. Some people also work as laborer. Most of the youth of the villagers are employed abroad.
channi syedan mandi bahauddin villages


In the village some people belongs to Shia family and also Sunni but live like a family with peace.

Major Casts

The majority of the villagers belong to the Kurrar family while there are some other tribes like
  • Sayyed
  • Cheema
  • Khokhar
  • Arrien
  • Mahajar
  • Malah
  • Kmhar
  • Muslim Shaikh
  • Machi
  • Taili

Famous Personalities

  1. Shamshair Ali Kurar
  2. Saif Ullah Kurar
  3. Nasar Nawaz Kurar
  4. Syed Hassan Numberdar
  5. Syed Qamar Abbas
  6. Syed Ali Abbas
  7. Syed Imtiaz Hussain
  8. Riaz Ahmad Kurar
  9. Haji Muhammad Walayat Kurar
  10. Ansr Kurar
  11. Jamal Hassan Kurar
  12. Sikandar Ali Kurar

Social Personalities

  • Syed Sabtain Abbas (PPP)
  • Syed Aoun Abbas
  • Syed Haidar Bukhari
  • Azeem Kurar
  • Asad Kurar

Educated Peoples

  1. Syed Shahid Abbas (Punjab Police)
  2. Syed Aqeel Abbas (Punjab Police)
  3. Major Retired Baati Khan Kurar
  4. Muhammad Anwar Kurar
  5. Shoukat Ali Kurar
  6. Syed Tahir (Pak Army)
  7. Mohsin Khokhar (Punjab Police)
  8. Mohsin Ali (Pak Army)
  9. Syed Nasir Abbas


There are two primary schools in this village


  • Syed Saidan shah Al mahroof dada g shrine

Health Facilities

There is no hospital in the village. People get medicine of minor diseases from Phalia and Major from Qadirabad.
May Allah Bless this village [AAMEEN]

Information Provided By: Shoukat Ali Kurar

Contact Number: 03406139832

Email Address:
Last updated on: 08-12-2022

Village dhudra mandi bahauddin

Dhudra دھدرا

Dhudra دھدرا

Info by: Usman Sahi


Village Dhudra is situated on the boundary line of District Mandi Bahauddin and Gujrat. The name of the village was the name of the person who lived there in the early ages. He belongs to the Jutt family. He was the owner of the land between Mangowal and Adda Pahrianwali. With the passage of time, his land was distributed between different peoples and different villages. Some of his family members living in the village Haigerwala near Adda Pahrianwali But most of his family members live in this village. After his death, his family members introduced themselves by the name of Dhudra as a sub cast of the Jutt family. Moreover, some other sub casts of the Jutt family like Sahi, Warraich, etc. also lived in this village from the beginning.


Dhudra has a natural beauty, and the peoples of this village are simple, calm yet beautiful. The farmers living in this village mostly go to the fields to earn their daily living, they are generally hardworking and their day starts very early than most other people living in the cities or towns.

dhudra village mandi bahauddin


The Main casts of the village are

  • Dhudra
  • Sahi
  • Warraich
  • Chatha

Social Personalities of Village

  1. Adeel Hassan (Dhudra Air Travel and Tours Mangowal West)
  2. Muhammad Akbar (Akbar Petroleum Dhudra, Overseas community president Greece)
  3. Basharat Mehmood (Dhudra Cloth House Mangowal West)
  4. Muhammad Ansar (Founder of Dhudra Foundation)
  5. Haji M Akram (Ex-Chairperson)
  6. Haji M Rafeeq (Dhudra karyana Store Mangowal West, mosque imam)
  7. Aftab Ahmed (Kabaddi Athlete)
  8. Politically Active Members (Shafqat Ullah, Israr Ahmed, Sir Ali Ahmed, M Asghar, Haji Shahid etc.)
  9. Social Media Stars/Vlogger (Saif Ullah, Shazam, Touseef, Haji Shahid, Muhammad Irfan, and many more)

Highly Qualified Personalities:

  • Muhammad Ishtiaq (Principal of Govt. High School Adda Pahrianwali)
  • Muhammad Ashfaq (Principal of Govt. High School Narang)
  • Muhammad Ashraf (Retired teacher of Govt. High School Adda Pahrianwali)
  • Muhammad Ashfaq (Retired teacher of Govt. Zamindara School Gujrat)
  • Muhammad Razaq (Retired officer from WAPDA)
  • Muhammad Ashraf (Retired Patwari)
  • Mr. Ali Ahmed (Principal of Zia ul Mustafa School(private))
  • Kamran Ashraf ( IT Engineer in Lahore)
  • Tauseef Arshad (Accountant and admin officer in Superior College Mangowal)
  • Usman Sahi (Software Engineer in Islamabad Pakistan)
  • Adeel Hassan (Dhudra Air Travel and Tours Mangowal West)
  • Muhammad Amir (Network Technician in Lahore)
  • Overseas Employees (Muhammad Ansar, Ali Raza, Wasim Ahmed, Naeem Akhtar, Rana Tayab etc.)

Social Welfare Organization:

Dhudra Welfare Foundation

Schools and Colleges:

  • Govt. Primary School (Boys)
  • Govt. Primary School (Girls)

Problems of the Village:

There is a main big problem of this village is the sewerage system. There is no proper system for wastewater collection. Some of the other specific issues are the following:
  • No govt. higher secondary school for girls and boys
  • No govt. health clinic
  • Lack of public transportation


Dhudra is the most beautiful, calm, and lovable land for its resident. Also, it is attractable for village lover.

May Allah Bless This Village

Information Provided By

Usman Sahi
Contact No. 03177637564
Last update 19-10-2022

Chak Shahbaz چک شہباز

Chak Shahbaz چک شہباز

Info by Sajjad Hassan


Village Chak Shahbaz چک شہباز is a Hub link among many villages. Located on Bherowal Phalia Road. Having fast transport facility. Wide range of shops, Govt, schools, Petrol Pump, Ice Milk Factory and so many other facilities of life. Its is connected to many villages. The people of near by villages used to come here to purchase their mostly livelihood. The populations round about 3,600 living in this village.

This village  is self Union council  UC 52 Chak Shahbaz 

Nearest Villages

  1. West – Bhekhewal 
  2. East – Bheko mor
  3. South – Melu Kohna
  4. North – Gahry Shareef

Social Personalities

  • Ch Haji Gulam Rasool Tarar
  • Chaudhari Altaf Hussain Tarar (Chairman uc -52 chak shahbaz )
  • Haji Nazir Ahmed Tarar ( ex Nazim)
  • Mumtaz Ahmed Tarar
  • Shamas Tarar (civil judge)
  • Sajjad Hassan Tarar (Lakhan ka) chairman IPI
  • Qasir Sahazad Tarar (PEMRA inspector)
  • Sajid Manzoor Tarar
  • Ch. Mukhtar Ahmed Numberdar
  • Irfan Nawaz Tarar

Highly Qualified Personalities

  • Muahmmad Azam Bhatti SST
  • Muhammad Tihar Shah (Teacher)
  • Haji Nazir Ahmed Tarar (ex Nazim)
  • Ch. Parvez Iqbal Numberdaar
  • Ch Aqib Numberdaar
  • Zohaib Umar Tarar (lakhan ka)


  • Cricket
  • Foot Ball
  • VollayBall


Govt. Boys Elementary School

Govt. Girls Primary school



Main castes

  • Tarar
  • Bhatti
  • Malik

Main Crops and Fruits

  1. Wheat
  2. Rice
  3. Sugar
  4. Tobacco
  5. Maize


The historical mazar is Hazrat Sufi sb.

Problems Village

  • Clean Water
  • Roads
  • Education

and to much other

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)

Information Provided by : Sajjad Hassan

Pakistani Village Pictures: A small canal and a bridge - Photos of Pakistani Villages

Naseerpur نصیر پور

Naseerpur نصیر پور


Village Naseerpur نصیر پور or Naseer Pur is an Island between the River Jehlum and situated 3 KM far from Malikwal City. Daman-e-Khizar Park is very near to the village. It is included in the Union Council No. 49 of Tehsil Malakwal.


Naseerpur is an historical village because it has been established before the constitution of Pakistan. The history of village is 200 year old. The boundaries of the village have been defined during 1979-1980.

Nearby Villages:

  • East: Burj Sattar
  • West: Malikwal 3 KM
  • North: Lokri Fateh Shah


65 Families, Total 400 people (Including Male & Female)


24 Marraba



Educated Personalities:

  1. Muhammad Ikram S/O Muttalli Khan (M.A. Education)
  2. Muhammad Yar S/O Sher Muhammad(M.A.)
  3. Amjad Farooq S/O Allah Yar(B.A)
  4. Muddassar Abbas S/O Nadir Khan (F.A)

Famous Personalities:

  • Malik Zahoor S/O Sher Muhammad
  • Faiz Ahmed S/O Sher Muhammad
  • Abdul Ghafoor S/O Sher Muhammad
  • Muhammad Yar S/O Sardar Khan

Major Casts:

  • Malik Awan
  • Sipra
  • Langha

Source Of Income:

All the population of the village depends upon Agriculture and most of the people are farmers.


The only way of transportation is personal boats of villagers, because the Village has no by road access to any side.


  • Gulli Danda
  • Cricket
  • Garam Pithoo
  • Bantey



Pakistani Village Life: Villagers making 'Gur' (Raw sugar) from the sugarcane juice - Photos of Pakistani Villages, Pictures of Pakitani Villages

Faqirian فقیریاں

Faqirian فقیریاں

By Muhammad Sufyan


Faqirian فقیریاں village is in Tehsil Malakwal. It is 54 KM from Mandi-Bahuddin city towards South at the boundary of M.B.DIN with Sargodha and 40 KM from Malakwal towards South. It is a big Town in its nears.


The Population of this village is nearly 35,000 and it is 70 years old village.

Literacy Rate:

The Literacy rate of the village is average.

It has a Govt. P/S for Boys Since 1977, Middle School for Girls and Community Primary School for Girls. There is also working a private School for the betterment of the Society in my Village. Ghazali Model School. Faqirian is Cultivated Area. The most Population of village is Agriculturist. Some are working in the Government Services, and a number of People are working abroad.

Neighboring Villages:

Miana Gondal (East)

Dhori Sargodha (West)

Remount Mona Depot (North)

Chak No 1 SGD (South)

Social Personalities:

  1. Haji Ahmad Khan Gondal
  2. Haji Abdullah Khan Gondal
  3. Hayat Ahmad Khan Gondal (Chairman).
  4. Nazir Ahmad Gondal
  5. Allah Bakhash Gondal (Lambardar).
  6. Muhammad Khan Ranjha
  7. Malik Hayat Awan
  8. Muhammad Khalid Gondal
  9. Muhammad Akram Gondal

Highly Qualified Personalities:

  • Mushtaq Ahmed Gondal (session judge of anti-terrorism in Bhawalpur)
  • Aqeel Aslam Gondal (MBBS, specialist in physiotherapy in NIH ISLD)
  • Zia Ullah Gondal (Professor of English, Brani University Rawalpindi)
  • Ahmad Bakhash Gondal (Head Master in P/S Faqirian)
  • Muhammad Sufyan Gondal (M.A.LLB Shariah & Law)
  • Mushtaq Ahmed Gondal (SI Punjab Police, M.B.Din)
  • Muhammad Yaqoob (Medical officer in DHQ)
  • Muhammad Amir Ranjah (Civil engineer)
  • Mulana Muhammad Aslam Gondal (M.A Arabic, Diploma in Usual e Din from Riaz University Saudi Arabia Noman Akram Gondal (M.Sc. History from Qaid e Azam University Islamabad & LLB from BHU Multan)
  • Muhammad Tariq Gondal (Arabic Fazal from Jamih Arabia Gujranwala)
  • Muhammad Rehan Gondal (MBA, IIUI)
  • Shaid Rizwan Waddan (LLB)
  • Aftab Ahamd Gondal (M fill In History)
  • Qari Munir Ahmad Gondal (M.A uslu Din)

Schools, Mosques and Madras:

  • One Govt P/S for Boys
  • One Middle School for Girls
  • One Govt community P/S for Girls
  • One Private School
  • Two Jamiah Masques
  • Three Madrisa’s (Two for boys and one for girls).

Photos of Pakistani villages - Wheat crop is ripe

Medical stores and shops in the village

  • Ali Usman Medical store (proprietor Dr. Maher Muhammad Nawaz)
  • 10 small shops & two big shops

Main castes

  • Gondal
  • Ranjha
  • Awan
  • Tarar
  • Mahar

Main crops and fruits:

  1. Wheat
  2. Cotton
  3. Rice
  4. Sugar Cane
  5. Tobacco
  6. Orange
  7. Guava


Baba kanno shah

Welfare Organizations:

Society for  welfare al Quran

Free time & Hobby

Two branches canals from Lower Jhelum Canal. Walking on the benches of these canals in free time and catching fish is the hobby of people of villagers





Guli danda

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)

Information provided by

Muhammad Sufyan, Rehan, Kamran & Arslan Gondal

Chak No 3 mandi bahauddin

Chak No. 3 چک نمبر

Chak No. 3 چک نمبر


Chak No. 3 چک نمبر is about fifteen km away from city mandi bahaudin. It is situated back side of Sohawa Bolani on Chimoon-Sahna road. It is part of Sohawa union council no 19. It have a canal for irrigate to its lands. But the the former of chak 3 is really interested to bow boombo in their fields. Majority of young generation is living abroad in USA, CANADA, UK, and Europe. There is one mosque  in village. t is small village about 300 houses. It is south from Bagga pind, west from Sohawa, east from cheemon and north from Bhiki sharif.

Major Casts:

Major casts are

  1. Warraich (Majority)
  2. Cheema
  3. Gujjar
  4. Sohi
  5. Dudhra
  6. Mahar
  7. Janjua
  8. Bhatti
  9. Malik (khokhar) (awan)
  10. Mughal
  11. Muslim Sheikh

Founder of village:

Founder of chak 3 is Ch. Bholaay Khan Sohii (Numberdar)

Chak No 3 mandi bahauddin

Social Personalities:

  • Ch. Bholay Khan.
  • Ch. Gaous Muhammad Warraich
  • Ch. Karim Elahi Gujjar
  • Ch. Muhammad Akhtar Warraich
  • Ch. Zafar Iqbal Sohi (namber dar)
  • Ch. Zia Ullah Cheema
  • Mian Javid Iqbal Gujjar (international horse rider)
  • Mian Muhammad Akram Gujjar
  • Ch. Sohail Akhtar Warraich (senior Naib Sadar PMLn mbdin)
  • Ch. Muhammad Hussian Warraich
  • Ch. Rizwan Ahmed Sohi
  • Ch. Tanveer Ahmed Warraich
  • Ch. Sajjad Ullah Cheema (X-nazim UC 19)
  • Mian Amjad Akram Gujjar
  • Ch. Saqib Zaheer Warraich (sadar MSF mbdin)

Educated Personalities:

  • Sajjad Ahmed Gujjar (DG FIA)
  • Zaheer Ahmed Warraich (SDO irrigation Mangla)
  • Irshaad Ullah Cheema (SDO)
  • Maj. Saeed Ahmed Mahar
  • Capt. Zahid Mahmood Warraich
  • Iftikhar Ahmed Cheema (ZTBL)
  • Ch. Shahzad Akhtar Warraich (advocate)
  • Ch. Imtal Rehman Sohi (advocate)

Dhok Nawan Lok ڈھوک نواں لوک

Dhok Nawan Loke ڈھوک نواں لوک


Dhok Nawan Lok ڈھوک نواں لوک or Dhoke Nawan Loke is a town in district Mandi Bahauddin Punjab. It lies 10 Km east of Mandi Bahauddin, 0.5 Km north of Dhok Kasib and has 80% literacy rate. Historically it is famous because of ancient ruins of old civilization on Tiba (No archeological survey have been done but it is thousands of years old village ruins). Some people from this village participated in The Battle of Chillianwala in 1849.

Dhoke Nawan Lock is a village of 5,000 people, mostly working in agriculture and services sector but after 1995 most of the young people preferred to travel abroad as economic migrants and now about 15% of young under 35 years of age are in Europe and North America. So the whole make up of the economic face has changed. Foreign capital now accounts for the 9/10 of the total income of the village which has resulted in higher prices for real estate and agriculture property.

The price of one acre of pure agricultural land has jumped to 800,000 RS (about 16,000$/ acre). The real estate is about 45,000$ per acre. The real challenge for the village is to invest in education and youth facilities so that it can channel the capital in more intelligent way. Like the village needs a library for its young minds.

Nearby Villages

Main Castes:

  • Sahi
  • Gondal
  • Arain
  • Gujjar

Social Personalities:

  • Ch Ansar Sahi is known for his bold and courageous leadership in “Pind’s journey to Europe”

Highly Qualified Personalities:

  • Late Professor Ghulam Qadir Sahi (1950 – 2001).

He was a professor of Indo-Pak History with deep interest in Islamic History. He was also the editor of magazine Khirman in District College Mandi Baha-ud-Din. He was a respectable persons due to his scholarship and political awareness. He had a great influence on the whole district. He influenced contemporary generation of Sahi families. Zulqurnain Sahi, Saifullah Sahi and Riaz Farooq Sahi who are the political leaders of contemporary Dokaan Sahiyan are influenced by his intellect and humility. His star students like Abdul Aziz Gujar, and Professor Qari Anyt-ullh are leaders of education field in the district.

  • Ch. Mian Waseem C(SS officer lives in Lahore).
  • Ch. Muhammad Asif Sahi, a food technologist, currently living in Toronto.
  • Mian Ilyas Sahi an articulate teacher at secondary school.
  • Muhammad Khan Johar a pharmacist working in UK.
  • Muhammad Ahsin Sahi Advocate a Political Science student at University of Waterloo.
  • Mian Gulraiz Waseem Sahi GC graduate in Political Science working in UK.
  • Muhammad Riaz Sahi a European History student at McMaster University, Hamilton.
  • Ghulam Rasool Sahi was the first M.A Islamyat of our village
  • Muhammad Shamraiz Mehdi Sahi working as a pharmacist (B. Pharmacy) here in Melbourne and at the same time studying my MBA from University of Ballara

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)


Pakistani Village Pictures: Tobacco crop in a village - Photos of Pakistani Villages

Sainthal Sharif سینتھل شریف

Sainthal Sharif سینتھل شریف

By: Ghulam Mustafa Kharal

Image Gallery of Sainthal..Click here


Sainthal Sharif سینتھل شریف village is located in District Mandi Bahauddin, Tehsil Phalia near small city Pharanwali. It is away from Pharinwali upto seven (07) KM. Sainthal is located north-west side from small city Paharanwali.

Brief History:

Sainthal is historical village. It is said that there was a village, there name was Soa (100) thal about 1871 before this village that now name is Sainthal. In this old village Soathal Muslims, Hindus and Sikh brathri lived together but after come into existence of Pakistan, Hindu and Sikh brother go away from Soathal to India. The new village Sainthal is now existed about half KM away on the east side of the old village Soathal and the new name of my village is Sainthal.

Neighboring Areas:

Neighboring areas of Sainthal village are RojoaHeger Khurd, Gaddu, Saida Seager, Audo etc..


Sainthal is not a big village & about 450 houses are in it and about 2,300 peoples live in them. All the population of the village is Muslim among them all are Sunni except some houses.

Registered Voters:

The number of registered voters in the village is 1,100 among them almost half of them are of female voters. At the time of BD elections both males and females cast vote but at National and Provincial Assembly elections only males cast their votes.

Major Castes:

Major casts of the village are

  • Warriach
  • Kharal
  • Tarar
  • Langa
  • Mouchi
  • Baheen
  • Muslim Shekh

Famous Personalities:

Important personalities of the village are as follows:

  1. Hafiz Mohammad Akbar Zeerik sb (UK)
  2. Molvi Mohammad Rafi sb (Imam Musjid)
  3. Mohammad Hanif Kharal
  4. Atta Mohammad (Member)
  5. Mohammad Sharif kharal
  6. Mohammad Anayat
  7. Abdul Hafeez Warrich
  8. Master Ghulam Abbas Warrich
  9. Hafiz Mohammad Nawaz (Greece)
  10. Mohammad Manwar Namberdar
  11. Mian Khan Kharal (late)

and among new generation.

Highly Qualified Persons:

Although the literacy rate is good but only few persons are Master degree holders among them:

  1. Shahzad Ahmed (MPA)
  2. Ghulam Mustafa Kharal (MBA)
  3. Dr. Masoud Ahmed (M.T, M.Ed)
  4. Mabroor Hussian (MSC)


village life

Means Of Earning:

Majority of the peoples earn their livelihood through agriculture. Few peoples are in Government services and among them most are in Teachers and Army. Now there is trend among the youth to go abroad that’s why many peoples of the village are found in France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Muscat etc. in search of their earning.

Way Of Living:

Peoples of the village live a simple life. They have very friendly behavior. Peoples are very much hostile ,hardworking, peaceful and sincere. Except few black sheeps vulgarity is an uncommon thing. People of the village go to their lands to care their cattle’s and crops and come back in the evening so they have a very busy life. Young boys play Cricket, Volley Ball and Kabaddi  in their extra time.


There are three (03) mosques in the village which are

  1. Jamia Masjid
  2. Jamia Masjid (small).
  3. Masjid Gomkol Sharif


There are two (2) Madrisas which are:

  • Madina-Tul-Libnat(women)
  • Madrisa-Tul-Illam ( boys)


There are two shrines in this village which are:

  • Peer Habeeb-U-llaha Shah sb
  • Peer Shaheed sb.

Schools and Education:

There are Two (02) Govt Schools.

  • Govt. Girls Middle School
  • Govt. Boys High School

Health Facilities:

There are no Govt hospital but some Doctors have there own Clinic.

  1. Dr. Masoud Ahmad
  2. Dr. Mohammad Rafi
  3. Dr. Mohammad Yousf
  4. Dr. Sakandar Hayat
  5. Dr. Qamar Naseem (dental)


Media Facilities:

In the village Television, Radio, Tape Recorder, PTCL Phones and Mobile Phones with services of all the Telecom companies are present in almost every house. Few homes in the village also possess computers in them very rare people use internet.

Flora and Fauna:

As the area is very productive both animals and plants love to stay here. Domestic animals of the village are

  • Buffalos (bhainsein)
  • Cows and Bulls (gaey aur bael)
  • Sheeps (bhairain)
  • Goats (bakrian)
  • Horses (ghoray)
  • Donkeys (gadhay)
  • Dogs (kutay)
  • Cats (Bilian)
  • Hens (murgean)
  • Rabbits (khargosh)
  • Pigeons (kabutar)
  • Fishes (in forms)
  • Ducks (batkhain)

                     ALLAH BLESS THIS VILLAGE (Ameen)

For any objection contact

Ghulam Mustafa Kharal +92-321-7759273

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Madhary مدھرے

Madhary مدھرے

By Amir Irfan Joya


Madhary مدھرے is a village of District Mandi-Bahauddin. In its east is Dhoul, in North is Mangat and its southside is one small canal and Kailu, Phalia


Population of our village is round 4,000 persons.

Nearest Villages:

  1. Dhol
  2. Kailu
  3. Phalia

Main Castes:

  • Gondal
  • Butt
  • Sayal
  • Mouchi
  • Barber
  • Lohar
  • Ranjha

Way Of Living:

Peoples of the village live a simple life. They have very friendly behavior. Peoples are very much hostile, peaceful and sincere. Except few black sheeps vulgarity is an uncommon thing. People of the village go to their lands to care their cattles and crops and come back in the evening so they have a very busy life. Young boys play Cricket, Volly Ball or play cards in their extra time. Peoples of the village remains careful about fight and misbehavior because if any body do a little mistake other party persons quickly report to the police at Thana Phalia.

Means Of Earning:

Majority of the peoples earn their livelihood through agriculture. Few peoples are in Government services. Now there is trend among the youth to go abroad that’s why many peoples of the village are found in France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Muscat etc. in search of their earning.

Nature Of The Peoples:

People of our village are very respective, moderate ,well educated and good host. Way of living is mixture of agricultural and city life. Some people are working in govt sector and many are abroad

Pakistani Village Life: Photo of a Villager thrashing wheat stalks on a drum - Photos of Pakistani Villages, Pictures of Pakitani Villages

Bazars And Markets:

No Bazars or Markets are present in the village only few General stores (Karyana shops) are present which provide commodities of daily use. Peoples have to go Phalia or Mandi bha ud din City for major shopping.


Village is located almost 8 KM towards east from Phalia City. Peoples use Tanga & Rickshas to reach the bus stop. Motor Cycles and Cycles are very common in the village which are used to go towards their lands or near by areas

Social Personalities of the Village:

  1. Zahid Hussain (number dar)
  2. Shahid Hussain (number dar)
  3. Hajji Manzoor Hussain butt
  4. Muhammed Hussain Butt
  5. Muhammed Yosaf Butt
  6. Muhammed Asif Butt (Saudi Arabia)
  7. Shahid Hussain Butt (studying in chaina)
  8. Zulfikar Ahamed Ranjha
  9. Sanwal Tahir Ranjha
  10. Muhammad Azam (Minhaj ul Quran)
  11. Aftab Naseem Ranjha

Highly Qualified Personalities:

  1. Shahid Hussain Butt (MBBS)
  2. Zulfikar Ahmed Ranjha
  3. Shahid Hussain (number dar)
  4. Dr. Nazar Muhammad (PhD in pharmaceutics from swiss)
  5. Riaz Ahmad Ranjha (Tehsil Office Phalia)
  6. Ghulam Hussain Ranjha (DSP Mandi Bahauddin)
  7. Muhammad Iqbal Ranjha (District Officer Education, Mandi Bahauddin)
  8. Ali Haider (B.Sc. Chemical Engineer)
  9. Haider Ranjha (Advocate Supreme Court)
  10. Barrister Mian Ahmad nisar (UK ) LLM from UK
  11. Dr. Mian Shehzad Rasool (Medical Officer Wah Cant)
  12. Mian Muhammad Arshad (Ex Nazim City MBDiN)
  13. Mian Sikandar e Azam (Manager National Bank MBDIN)
  14. Hakeem Mian Maqsood Ahmad Gold (Medalist Karachi)
  15. Hakeem Muhammad Ashraf Late (Gold Medalist from Delhi got medal at the age of 19 years 1875)

Schools and Colleges:

  • Govt boys primary school
  • Govt girls primary school

Main Crops:

Land of this village is very fertile almost every crop of the world can be grown here. People use peter engines for irrigation purposes. Major crops of the village are

  • Wheat (gandam)
  • Rice (chawal)
  • Corn (mukai)
  • Potato (aalo)
  • Barley (jao)
  • Sugar Cane (kamad)
  • Sweet Pea (mator)
  • Chicken Pea (chana)
  • Jawar
  • Bajra

All Vegetables etc.

Flora & Fauna:

As the area is very productive both animals and plants love to stay here.

Domestic animals of the village are:

  • Buffalos (bhainsein)
  • Cows and Bulls (gaey aur bael)
  • Sheeps (bhairain)
  • Goats (bakrian)
  • Horses (ghoray)
  • Donkeys (gadhay)
  • Dogs (kutay)
  • Cats (Bilian)
  • Hens (murgean)
  • Rabbits (khargosh)
  • Pigeons (kabutar)


Village land is very much fertile, availability of water is enough although soil not suitable for GYMNOSPERMS and FERNS but ANGIOSPERMS are very much common in the village which include both ornamental and wild. Important plant of the village are as under.

  • Acacia species (kikar)
  • Dalbergia sisso (tahli)
  • Rosa indica (gulab)
  • Orange species (maltay aur methhay)
  • Guava (amrood)
  • Mangoes (aam)
  • Gomi (dhraik)


  • Cricket
  • Volley ball
  • Kabaddi

Main Problems:

  • Sui Gas Problem
  • There is no Community Center
  • There is no High School for Boys & Girls
  • Roads condition is very bad
  • Health Problem
  • Street Problems