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Tag: phiray village

Government Has Increased The Daily Wages Rates 2023

Phiray پھرے

Phiray پھرے

Information Provided By: Asad Ali


My Village Name is Phiray or Phire پھرے its tehsil is Phalia, and its Union Council is Dherekan Kalan. There are about 50% of Tarar, 5% Gondal, 30% Mahajar and 15% are other bradaries.

Nearest Villages:

  1. Mano Chak
  2. Lak

Famous Personalities of the Village:

  1. Ghazanfar Ali Tarar (Ex. Chairman UC Dherekan)
  2. Muhammad Anar Tarar
  3. Muhammad Nawaz Gondal
  4. Fiaz Ahmad Kadhar
  5. Ch. Muhammad Taqoob Tarar
May Allah Bless this village

Last edited on 13 August, 2022