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Tag: poetess

Maham Faraz (Poetess) mandi bahauddin

Maham Faraz (Poetess)

Maham Faraz (Pride of Mandi Bahauddin)

Maham Faraz, a 14 years old young poetess who has written and illustrated her English poetry book, “Thoughts to Paper” is the granddaughter of Molvi Muhammad Bashir and Niece of Hafiz Muhammad Sufyan from Mandi Bahauddin.

A Gift For Mama

The way you look at the world
The vision of Yours

The things you’ve planned
The way you speak
Your words, your accent
And your decisions for me

I’m just in love with your thoughts
I’m incredibly inspired by your deeds
I just love the way you speak

She is the daughter of Zahid Faraz, Vice Principal at Jawahir Al Riyadh International School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Daim Iqbal Daim (Poet)

She was born in Riyadh, KSA and has recently shifted to Pakistan. She is currently a student of O level and residing in Islamabad.

Maham Faraz (Poetess) mandi bahauddin