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Patwar Circle and Patwari of Mandi Bahauddin

Patwar Circle and Patwari contact numbers of District Mandi Bahauddin


Sr. No. 

Patwar Circle

Name of Patwari with contact #

1 Chalianwala Rana Muhammad Tariq, Patwari Halqa Challianwala              0300-7752613
2 Ahla Sikandar Azam, Patwari Halqa Ahla 0342-8788696
3 Aidal Munir Ahmad, Patwari Halqa Aidal 0322-7502792
4 Aki Muhammad Nazir, PatwarI Halqa Aaki 0321-7752566
5 Bhikhi Muhammad Nazir, Patwari Halqa Bhikhi 0321-7752566
6 Chak Basawa Ijaz Ahmad, Patwari Halqa Chak Basawa 0346-6471243
7 Chak No.2 Laeeq-ur-Rehman,  Patwari Halqa Chak No.2                   0333-8003830
8 Chimmon Muhammad Riaz, Patwari Halqa Chimmon 0332-8034338
9 Chround Ijaz Ahmad, Patwari Halqa Chround 0346-6471243
10 Dhok Daud Muhammad Iqbal, Patwari Halqa Dhok Daud     0321-7741010
11 Dhok Kasib Safdar Iqbal, Patwari Halqa Dhok Kasib 0344-4955617
12 Dhok Nawan Lok Muhammad Aslam, Patwari Halqa Dhok Nawan Lok        0300-7741001
13 Dhok Saharan Safdar Iqbal, Patwari Halqa Dhok Saharan 0344-4955617
14 Herdo Bohat Ijaz Ahmad, Pawari Halqa Bohat 0346-6471243
15 Jayyah Muhammad Azam, Patwari Halqa Jayyah 0345-5751564
16 Jholana Riaz Ahmad, Patwari Halqa Jholana 0332-8034338
17 Kadhar Safdar Iqbal, Patwari Halqa Kadhar 0344-4955617
18 Kandanwala Ghazanfar Ali, Patwari Halqa Kandanwala 0347-6287732
19 Kandanwala Ghazanfar Ali, Patwari Halqa Kandanwala 0347-6287732
20 Kandanwala Ghazanfar Ali, Patwari Halqa Kandanwala 0347-6287732
21 Kandhanwala Ghazanfar Ali, Patwari Halqa Kandanwala 0347-6287732
22 Khamb Khurd Sikandar Azam, Patwari Halqa Khamb Khurd 0342-8788696
23 Khanana Muhammad Hanif, Patwari Halqa Khanana  0300-7557451
24 Khewa Sikandar Javed, Patwari Halqa Khewa 0342-8788696
25 Kot Baloch Muhammad Iqbal, Patwari Halqa Kot Baloch 0332-7741010
26 Kuthiala Sheikhan Muhammad Nawaz, Patwari Halqa Kuthiala Sheikhan       0300-7740994
27 Lakhnewala Muhammad Tahir, Patwari Halqa Lakhnewala 03435-5799945
28 Makkewal Muhammad Azam, Patwari Halqa Makkewal 0345-5751564
29 Mangat Zia-ur-Rehman, Patwari Halqa Mangat 0321-7750775
30 Mianwal Muhammad Nazir, Patwari Halqa Mianwal 0321-7752566
31 Mojianwala Rana Muhammad Tariq, Ptawari Halqa Mojianwala                 0300-7742613
32 Mojianwala Rana Muhammad Tariq, Ptawari Halqa Mojianwala                 0300-7742613
33 Mong Sana Ullah, Patwari Halqa Mong 0345-4098880
34 Murala Safdar Iqbal, Patwari Halqa Murala 0344-4955617
35 Nain Muhammad Walayat, Patwari Halqa Nain 0343-6923560
36 Nawan Lok Malik Muhammad Aslam, Patwari Halqa Nawan Lok     0300-7741001
37 Pandowal Bala Safdar Iqbal, Patwari Halqa Pandowal Bala 0344-4955617
38 Pandowal Pain Muhammad Arif, Patwari Halqa Pandowal Pain 0345-5751051
39 Pindi Bahauddin Sana Ullah, Patwari Halqa Pindi Bahauddin 0345-4098880
40 Pindi Bahauddin Sana Ullah, Patwari Halqa Pindi Bahauddin 0345-4098880
41 Pindi Bahauddin Sana Ullah, Patwari Halqa Pindi Bahauddin 0345-4098880
42 Rakh Minar Garh Muhammad Ashraf Shah, Patwari Halqa Rakh Minar Garh        0300-7740201
43 Rasul Ijaz Ahmad, Patwari Halqa Rasul 0346-6471243
44 Sahna Muhammad Hanif, Patwari Halqa Sahna 0300-7557451
45 Shaheedanwali Rana Muhammad Tariq, Patwari Halqa Shaheedanwali                 0300-7752613
46 Sivia Rana Muhammad Tariq, Ptawari Halqa Sivia     0300-7742613
47 Sohawa Bulani Muhammad Tahir,  Patwari Halqa Sohawa Bulani            0345-5799945
48 Sohawa Dilloana Muhammad Azam, Patwari Halqa Sohawa Dilloana 0345-5751564
49 Sohawa Jamlani Muhammad Nawaz Patwari Halqa Sohawa Jamlani          0345-5866511
50 Wasu Muhammad Imtiaz, Patwari Halqa Wasu 0305-4273522

Rasul رسول

Rasul رسول 

Rasul village is one of the important historical village in District mbdin. Village Rasul was established by Raja Raam. Raja Raam was brother of Raja Moga, who established village Mong which is 6 kms in the south east of village Rasul and opposite to village Darapur. As both villages Rasul and Mong were established by real brothers, even hundreds years has been passed but Rasul is called as Mong Rasul. It is assumed that village Rasul is a branch of village Mong. Village Rasul has historical importance as well. Rasul was Head quarter of Sher Singh when the famous battle between British and Sikhs was fought at Chailianwala. Here is a Bargad (Bodh) tree which has been planted from the branch of an old Bargad tree. Government has placed marble board under this tree which demonstrates that Sher Singh’s army stopped over here.
There are also ruins of an old mosque here. There was plank placed on this mosque which was uprooted by the British Deputy Commissioner Mr. E.C. Belly. According to this plank this mosque was constructed in 1000 Hijri.

History told us that people of Village Rasul accepted Islam in the result of preaching of Islam made by a Saint (Wali Allah) who used to live here. According to this Saint, his forefather came here in the era of Moghals.
Village Rasul is also famous due to Technical College named GCT Rasul (Govt.College of Technology Rasul). Thousands of student of this institution are serving on higher positions in Pakistan and abroad.
 There is also two barrages here which is called Rasul Barrage. One is called Old Rasul Barrage and other is called New Rasul Barrage. This barrage is located on the River Jehlum. This barrage has flood capacity of 24070m3/sc. Water is diverted from this point to the 538-cumec Rasul-Qadirabad Link (RQ-Link) Canal for ultimate transfer to the Sulemanki Barrage on the Sutlej River.
In 1963, the Rasul Barrage and Rasul-Qadirabad Link canal project under Indus Basin irrigation project started. The Project was managed by WAPDA, and a large colony for government employees and foreign contractors was constructed a few kilometers from Mandi Bahauddin. This project was completed in 1968 by Engineer Riazur Rahman Shariff as the Project Director.
It started expanding after the completion of Rasul Hydroelectric Power Station on Upper Jhelum Canal in 1901.


Power House at Rasul, Tehsil Mandi Bahauddin was established in 1952 with the capacity of Power Generation 22 Mega Watt. At present 14 Mage Watt power is being generated.

This village is situated on very beautiful place sorrounded with big water canals and on northside with River Jehlum.

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کسی بھی قسم کی درستگی کیلئے ہم سے رابطہ کریں۔ شکریہ