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Tag: Shaheedanwali

village shaheedanwali mandi bahauddin

Shaheedanwali شہیدانوالی

Shaheedanwali شہیدانوالی

By: Ch Saqib Iqbal


Village Shaheedanwali شہیدانوالی sahahdin wali is located in district Mandi bahauddin. It is 5 KM far from city mandi bahaud din. The village is 4 km west of the town of Chillianwala and 4 km south of the town of Mong.

Village Shaheedan Wali is a well-cultivated area. The main crops are wheat, rice , sugar cane and different Vegetables. Most people are farmers and government servants. A Govt. Boys primary school and Govt. Girls primary was established. Govt. Girls primary has been converted into a high school and Govt Boys Primary School has been converted into middle school.

Neighboring Villages

Neighboring villages are


About 1,500 house and over 28,000 peoples live in this village.

village shaheedanwali mandi bahauddin


People of the village travel on vans, rickshaw, tanga and their own vehicles.

Major Castes

  1. Warraich
  2. Gondal
  3. Rajpot
  4. Tarar
  5. Kumhar
  6. Machhi
  7. Lohaar
  8. Mochi
  9. Tarkhan
  10. Muslim Sheikh


Famous Personalities

  • Saqib Iqbal Warraich (Spain)
  • Fayaz Ahmed (Nawab ka)
  • Ifthkar Ahmed (Nazim )
  • Faiz Ahmed (Nawab ka)
  • Arshed Iqbal
  • Imtiaz Mahar (secretary)
  • Khizar Hayyat (Number dar)
  • Rasheed (langar ka)
  • Imtiaz Warraich (Nawab ka)
  • Liaqat Hayyat
  • Shoaib Warraich
  • Humayun Warraich
  • Sajad Warraich
  • Ifthkar Ahmed


There are total 5 mosques

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)

Information provided By: Chaudhary Saqib Iqbal