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Tag: Shumhari mandi bahauddin

Shumhari شمہاری or Shumari

Shumhari شمہاری

Shumhari شمہاری

By: Syed Aqeel Abbas Bukhari

Location of the village

Village Shumhari شمہاری or Shumari is situated in west of city of Mandi Bahuddin and South of city Malakwal. East side is Sahana and village Khutiala Kurd is in the west, Chak No. 6 is in the north and Wara Alam Shah in the south of Shumhari. Total land of this village is 120 Murabas (3,000 Acres)

Neighboring villages:

  1. Sahana – East
  2. Khutiala Kurd – West
  3. Chak No. 6 – North
  4. Wara Alam Shah – South

Main Casts:

The main castes in the village are

  • Gondal
  • Syed
  • Sahi
  • Butt

and all helping castes are living in village.

Nature of People:

The people of the village are very nice and peaceful.

Social Personalities of the Village

  • Chaudhary Muhammad Akhtar Gondal
  • Chaudary Aziz Numberdar (Norway)
  • Chaudary Ihsan Hayat Gondal
  • Chaudhary Munir Ahmed Sahi
  • Syed Ahmed Ali Shah
  • Touqueer ul Hassan
  • Syed Sajjad Hussain Shah

Highly Qualified Personalities:

  • Muhammad Anjum (PTCL Director, Sindh)
  • Tariq Butt (PTCL Mandi Bahauddin)

Schools, Collages, Mosques and Madrasas:

  • Govt. Primary School for Girls
  • Govt. Primary School for Boys.
  • Comrade Cadet high School\

Source of income:

People are mostly doing different jobs like Zamindara (Agriculture), business, private and government jobs and the young Generation including non technical trying to go to abroad and now a days many are in Europe, UK, USA, Canada and Gulf countries.

Shumhari شمہاری or Shumari

Main crops:

  • Sugarcane
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Potato

all kind of vegetable

Free time & Hobby:

  • Shooting Ball
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Kabaddi

Parks and Canals

In north of this village is one small and one big canal. Also River Jhelum in northside is not away from here. In south of this village, there is also one small canal. Daffar Jungle in south side is also not for away. This village is very fertile land and green fields all around the village.

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)

Information provided By

Syed Aqeel Abbas Bukhari