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Tag: tibbi daryani

Photos of Pakistani villages - A beautiful scene of a village in Punjab

Tibi Daryane ٹبی دریانی

Tibi Daryane ٹبی دریانی

info provide by Mohsin Raza


Tibi Daryane ٹبی دریانی or Tibbi Daryani tehsil Mandi Bahauddin is located at 1 kilometer in the west of Jhulana. South side is sohawa dilloana, chak 38 in the north side and Bhikhi Sharif located 2 kilometer in the west.


Tibi Daryane is name of a pyramids located in the center of the village.

Population Of Village:

The population of village is about 2.5 thousand peoples.

Nature Of People:

The people of the village is very nice, peaceful, honestable, hospitality and respectable of others.

Source Of Income:

Mostly people are doing zamindari (Agriculture). Some people are doing different jobs like government & private, own business and now a day’s mostly young generation go to abroad in Europe & Gulf countries.

Famous Personalities:

  • Ch. Haji Muhammad Ali: 90 years old and the most famous and honorable personality of the village.
  • Ch. Haji Khizar Hayat (F.A) (Sectary of bait-ul-mall)
  • Ch. Haq Nawaz (B.A PU) (known as Khalid Daryana General councilor)
  • Ch. Ansar Javed (MBA IIUI) (Chairmen NADRA RWP Region)
  • Ch. Muhammad Anar (M.Sc. Economics UAA Faisalabad) (Branch Manager Askari Bank Limited Mandi Bahauddin)
  • Ch. Haji Muhammad Inyat (M.Sc. &M Phil Mathematics PU) (Ex-Principle & Professor of Mathematics of Govt Zamindar Degree College Gujrat)
  • Ch. Medhi Gondal (BA PU) (Ex-headmaster of government primary school for boys Tibi Daryane)
  • Ch. Ansar Javed (Spain)
  • Suleman Khizar (Late)
  • Ch. Imran Khizar (Spain)
  • Ch. Masood Ahmad (Spain)
  • Ch. Raza Gondal (Spain)
  • Ch. Inyat Gondal (Kuwait)
  • Ch. Khalid Fiaz (Player of Kabaddi)
  • Ch. Muhammad Azam (Italy)
  • Mohsin Raza (MCS UAA Rawalpindi, LLB PU)
  • Kashif Medhi (LLB PU)

Famous Sports:

Kabaddi, Cricket, Volleyball.

Schools, Masjid & Mazars:

  1. Govt. Primary school for boys
  2. Govt. Primary school for girls
  3. Ibna seena high school private
  4. Jama Masjid
  5. Main Sama Mazar located in graveyard.

Main Castes:

Gondal 90%

Other 10%

Main Crops:

  1. Sugar Cane
  2. Wheat
  3. Rice
  4. Potato

all kind of vegetable etc.

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)

Information provide by Mohsin Raza