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Tag: tibi diryani

village Bhoa Hassan بھوا حسن

Tibi Daryane ٹبی دریانی

Tibi Daryane ٹبی دریانی

info provide by Mohsin Raza


Tibi Daryane ٹبی دریانی or Tibbi Daryani tehsil Mandi Bahauddin is located at 1 kilometer in the west of Jhulana. South side is sohawa dilloana, chak 38 in the north side and Bhikhi Sharif located 2 kilometer in the west.


Tibi Daryane is name of a pyramids located in the center of the village.

Population Of Village:

The population of village is about 2.5 thousand peoples.

Nature Of People:

The people of the village is very nice, peaceful, honestable, hospitality and respectable of others.

Source Of Income:

Mostly people are doing zamindari (Agriculture). Some people are doing different jobs like government & private, own business and now a day’s mostly young generation go to abroad in Europe & Gulf countries.

Famous Personalities:

  • Ch. Haji Muhammad Ali: 90 years old and the most famous and honorable personality of the village.
  • Ch. Haji Khizar Hayat (F.A) (Sectary of bait-ul-mall)
  • Ch. Haq Nawaz (B.A PU) (known as Khalid Daryana General councilor)
  • Ch. Ansar Javed (MBA IIUI) (Chairmen NADRA RWP Region)
  • Ch. Muhammad Anar (M.Sc. Economics UAA Faisalabad) (Branch Manager Askari Bank Limited Mandi Bahauddin)
  • Ch. Haji Muhammad Inyat (M.Sc. &M Phil Mathematics PU) (Ex-Principle & Professor of Mathematics of Govt Zamindar Degree College Gujrat)
  • Ch. Medhi Gondal (BA PU) (Ex-headmaster of government primary school for boys Tibi Daryane)
  • Ch. Ansar Javed (Spain)
  • Suleman Khizar (Late)
  • Ch. Imran Khizar (Spain)
  • Ch. Masood Ahmad (Spain)
  • Ch. Raza Gondal (Spain)
  • Ch. Inyat Gondal (Kuwait)
  • Ch. Khalid Fiaz (Player of Kabaddi)
  • Ch. Muhammad Azam (Italy)
  • Mohsin Raza (MCS UAA Rawalpindi, LLB PU)
  • Kashif Medhi (LLB PU)

Famous Sports:

Kabaddi, Cricket, Volleyball.

Schools, Masjid & Mazars:

  1. Govt. Primary school for boys
  2. Govt. Primary school for girls
  3. Ibna seena high school private
  4. Jama Masjid
  5. Main Sama Mazar located in graveyard.

Main Castes:

Gondal 90%

Other 10%

Main Crops:

  1. Sugar Cane
  2. Wheat
  3. Rice
  4. Potato

all kind of vegetable etc.

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)

Information provide by Mohsin Raza