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Tag: today ghee price in pakistan

ghee price in pakistan today

Government Reduced Ghee And Cooking Oil Prices

Ghee And Cooking Oil Prices

The federal government has announced a reduction in branded ghee and cooking oil prices at utility stores Pakistan.

This reduction will be from 37 to 60 rupees per kg of ghee and oil respectively. It is worth mentioning here that the announcement of reduction in ghee and cooking oil prices came after the drop in the value of the US dollar for the third consecutive day in the interbank and open market.

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It is said to be a sigh of relief for the inflation-stricken public who are suffering from skyrocketing prices. This adjustment is expected to provide relief to consumers who depend on cooking oil for their daily food needs.

Public got relief from inflation, Utility Stores Corporation Pakistan officials issued a notification to reduce the prices of branded ghee and oil. The price of branded ghee has been reduced by Rs. 37 to Rs. 59 per litre.

Although Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said that people should be patient and Pakistan’s economy will recover in the near future.

ghee price in pakistan today

Increase In Price Of Ghee By 115 Rupees Per Kg In Pakistan

Ghee Price In Pakistan

Utility Stores Corporation has increased the Ghee Price In Pakistan today by Rs 115 per kg today.

According to the notification issued by Utility Stores Corporation, the price of subsidized ghee has been increased by Rs 115 per KG. The price has been increased from Rs 375 to Rs 490 per kg today.

Product Old Price New Price Difference
Ghee 375 490 115

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The beneficiaries of Benazir Income Sport Program will be exempted from the increase, the price of ghee per kg for them will remain Rs 300 per kg.

Under the Prime Minister’s package, the price of regular subsidized ghee has been increased for the second time in two months. Earlier, the price of ghee was increased by Rs 75 per kg on January 1, 2023.

Thus, in two months, under the Prime Minister’s package, ghee became expensive by Rs 190 per kg.