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today Petrol Price In Pakistan - Expected fuel prices

Petrol Price In Pakistan Is Ready To Adjust On April 30, 2023

Petrol Price In Pakistan on April 30, 2023

Pakistan is ready to adjust petrol prices on April 30, 2023, which maintains current exchange rates and maintains current oil prices in international markets. With the next review of the first half of May 2023 this month, The petrol price in Pakistan is changed every two weeks.

In the past one year, international oil prices have seen a massive decline. For example, The benchmark Brent crude oil fell by 18.51 percent from $96.07 per barrel on April 25, 2022, to $78.29 by April 25, 2023. On the contrary, fuel prices have increased by more than 100 % in domestic markets. For example, a sensitive price indicator (SPI) inflation report released by PBS for the week ended on April 13, 2023 shows that diesel prices have increased by 102.84 % and Petrol has increased by 81.17 %.

The decline of Pakistani rupee against the dollar is an important factor behind the increase in petroleum prices in domestic markets. A year ago, the same day, compared to the Pakistani Rupees 185.92, by 20 April 2023, the local currency declined by 52.47 % by 283.47.

Experts believe that despite the recent drop in international oil prices, the government may not be in a position to reduce local prices due to the need to reduce rupee and generate income. As a net importer of petroleum products to meet local demand, no change in exchange rates and international oil prices can affect domestic prices.

For example, imports of petroleum products decreased by 20 % during the first nine months (July March) of the current fiscal year 2022-2023, which fell from $ 7.287 billion to $ 7.836 billion during the same period of the last financial year. Is. The current financial year, according to data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

Earlier, the government had increased petroleum prices on April 15, 2023, citing international oil prices and exchange rates in the second half of this month. For example, the new price of petrol is Rs. 282 per liter, which was efficient from April 16, 2023, at a former price of Rs. 272 per liter. The price of kerosene has also increased by Rs. 5.78 to Rs. 186.07 per liter from Rs. 180.29. However, prices of high -speed diesel and light diesel oil have not changed to Rs. 293 and Rs. 174.78 respectively.

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Nevertheless, the government has assured the public that they are working on a scheme to provide petroleum products to low income groups at subsidized rates. Minister of State for Petroleum Mr. Musadik Malik recently said that various suggestions are being considered, such as the use of Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), issuing specific subsidy cards, or create a One Time Password (OTP) for the ease of the eligible citizens.

today Petrol Price In Pakistan - Expected fuel prices

Petrol 5, Diesel 20 Per Liter Likely To Be Cheaper From April 1

Islamabad: Petrol and diesel prices are expected to decrease due to the decrease in crude oil prices in the international market from April 1, 2023  in Pakistan.

Petrol and diesel prices may decrease from April 1 due to fluctuations in crude oil prices in the global market. Oil marketing companies estimate that diesel could be cheaper by Rs 15-20 and petrol by Rs 4-5 per litre.

On the other hand, industry sources say that there is no possibility of any change in the prices.

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The expected decrease in fuel prices is expected to bring a sigh of relief for the masses who are forced to pay Rs272 per litre for petrol as the government earlier soared the petrol prices by Rs5 per litre for the fortnight.

The expected drop in fuel prices in Pakistan is expected to bring a sigh of relief to the public who are forced to pay Rs. 272 per liter for petrol as the government had already hiked petrol prices by Rs 5 per liter for a fortnight.