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Tag: united bike cd 70 price in pakistan

After Honda, Yamah, Suzuki, United Bike Price In Pakistan Also Increase

United Bike Price Increased in Pakistan – December 2023

United Bike Price

If you were going to buy a new United bike soon. You’re not going to like this news. United Auto Industries, Pakistan’s second largest motorcycle assembler, has increased the price of its motorcycles. The new United Bike Price in Pakistan has increased by Rs 5,000 (only for selected models).

Model Old Price New Price Price Difference
US-100 (Special) 115,000 120,000 +5,000
US-100 (Plus) 115,000 120,000 +5,000
US-100 (Plus Self Start) 126,000 131,000 +5,000
US-100 (Plus Alloy Rims) 120,500 125,500 +5,000
US-100 (Plus Alloy Rims Self Start) 131,500 136,500 +5,000

Honda CD 70 2024 Model Price In Pakistan November

United Bike Price in Pakistan 2024

Model New Price (Rs.)
United 70cc (Standard) 109,500
United 70cc (Alloy Rim) 114,500
US-100 (Special) 120,000
US-100 (Plus) 120,000
US-100 (Plus Self Start) 131,000
US-100 (Plus Alloy Rims) 125,500
US-100 (Plus Alloy Rims Self Start) 136,500
US-100 (Standard) 107,000
US-100 (Standard Self Start) 118,000
US-100 (Standard Special) 108,000
US-100 (Standard Special Self Start) 119,000
US-100 (Standard Alloy Rims) 109,500
US-100 (Standard Alloy Rims Self Start) 120,500
US-125 (Euro 2) 164,500
US-125 (Self Start) 197,000
US-150 330,000
US Scooty 255,000
United revolt (Electric) 253,000
United Spark (Electric) 265,000
United Bullet (Electric) 288,000