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Tag: village bhallowal

Bhallowal بھلووال

Bhallowal بھلووال

Info. by M. Yousaf Shahid M.A. (Punjabi)


Bhalowal is a very famous village of Tehsil Malakwal. Its just 10 km south of Malakwal city and 35 km west of Mandi Bahauddin. Village Rukkan is just 5 km away from village Bhallowal and Village Miani is 15 km from this village. Total population of this village is near 7,000.


Village Rukkan is in East,
Chot dheeran is in north west
Daffar is in  south.
Chak # 23 is in  northern side of the bhallowal.


History and presence

Some people say that way before some families came from the Dehli ( India).From there two brothers named as bhallowal, Thatta sohlian ,and their sister Ghorri came too. And they settled in the different villages which were named as their names. There are 4 mohallas in the village

  • Mamooor mohallah
  • Yadgaar mohallah
  • Gondallan mohallah
  • Bakhooo ka mohallah


Datta is a small village now attached with bhallowal. Datta also have historic background. Some people say that it has never increased its surroundings from its beginings.



Population of the village bhallowal is round about 8000 persons

Education sector

There are 2 govt. schools in the village

  • Govt. girls primary school
  • Govt. boys elementary school

There are three private schools

  • Community girls primary school data
  • Community girls primary school bhallowal
  • Minhaj public school bhalowal


There are 4 mosques in the village

  1. Jamia masjid ameer hamza ..markazi masjid
  2. Jamia masjid ghausia
  3. Noor  e mustafa
  4. Masjid hussainia


There are two madrassa in the village

  • Minhaj ul quraan
  • Rahmania madrassa

Social personalities

  1. Ghulam Qadir s/o Salehoon muhammad
  2. Muhamamd Riyaz numberdar
  3. Faiz numberdar
  4. Muhammad Ashraf s/o Ghulam ahmad
  5. Master Bashir ahmed
  6. Haji Ijaz ahmed
  7. Dr.Munir ahmed
  8. Dr.Veryam ali
  9. Suobedar Roshan
  10. Haji Sultan s/o Murad
  11. Muhammad Yousaf s/o Mutalli
  12. Ansar abbas constable
  13. Mian Muhammad Arif
  14. Muhammad Yousaf s/o Umar Hayyat
  15. Muhammad Yousaf Shahid

Highly qualified personalities

  • Muhamamd Yousaf shahid .M.A (punjabi)
  • Haji Ijaz ahmed BSc
  • Muhammad Nawaz inspector motorway police. B.A. LLB
  • Arshad Mehmood s/o Muhammad Anar..Bsc.(France)
  • Dr. Tahir Anwer.
  • Dr. Munir Ahmed


  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Sugarcane
  • Cotton
  • Baajra
  • Jawar etc


Each facility of modern era is available there like…TV Dish antenna, Telephone, Internet, Mobiles, etc. People go out for walk to the green fields that surrounds our village. Very famous forest of the Pakistan Daffar forest is attached with bhallowal. So you can imagine the greenery and lovely sight of the village.


  • Kabbadi
  • Cricket
  • Bedminton
  • Gulli danda
  • Bantay

People of the village Bhallowal are very respective and honorable


Allah Bless this village. AAMEEN