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Chak Shahbaz چک شہباز

Chak Shahbaz چک شہباز

Info by Sajjad Hassan


Village Chak Shahbaz چک شہباز is a Hub link among many villages. Located on Bherowal Phalia Road. Having fast transport facility. Wide range of shops, Govt, schools, Petrol Pump, Ice Milk Factory and so many other facilities of life. Its is connected to many villages. The people of near by villages used to come here to purchase their mostly livelihood. The populations round about 3,600 living in this village.

This village  is self Union council  UC 52 Chak Shahbaz 

Nearest Villages

  1. West – Bhekhewal 
  2. East – Bheko mor
  3. South – Melu Kohna
  4. North – Gahry Shareef

Social Personalities

  • Ch Haji Gulam Rasool Tarar
  • Chaudhari Altaf Hussain Tarar (Chairman uc -52 chak shahbaz )
  • Haji Nazir Ahmed Tarar ( ex Nazim)
  • Mumtaz Ahmed Tarar
  • Shamas Tarar (civil judge)
  • Sajjad Hassan Tarar (Lakhan ka) chairman IPI
  • Qasir Sahazad Tarar (PEMRA inspector)
  • Sajid Manzoor Tarar
  • Ch. Mukhtar Ahmed Numberdar
  • Irfan Nawaz Tarar

Highly Qualified Personalities

  • Muahmmad Azam Bhatti SST
  • Muhammad Tihar Shah (Teacher)
  • Haji Nazir Ahmed Tarar (ex Nazim)
  • Ch. Parvez Iqbal Numberdaar
  • Ch Aqib Numberdaar
  • Zohaib Umar Tarar (lakhan ka)


  • Cricket
  • Foot Ball
  • VollayBall


Govt. Boys Elementary School

Govt. Girls Primary school



Main castes

  • Tarar
  • Bhatti
  • Malik

Main Crops and Fruits

  1. Wheat
  2. Rice
  3. Sugar
  4. Tobacco
  5. Maize


The historical mazar is Hazrat Sufi sb.

Problems Village

  • Clean Water
  • Roads
  • Education

and to much other

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)

Information Provided by : Sajjad Hassan