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Tag: village dhudra mandi bahauddin

Village dhudra mandi bahauddin

Dhudra دھدرا

Dhudra دھدرا

Info by: Usman Sahi


Village Dhudra is situated on the boundary line of District Mandi Bahauddin and Gujrat. The name of the village was the name of the person who lived there in the early ages. He belongs to the Jutt family. He was the owner of the land between Mangowal and Adda Pahrianwali. With the passage of time, his land was distributed between different peoples and different villages. Some of his family members living in the village Haigerwala near Adda Pahrianwali But most of his family members live in this village. After his death, his family members introduced themselves by the name of Dhudra as a sub cast of the Jutt family. Moreover, some other sub casts of the Jutt family like Sahi, Warraich, etc. also lived in this village from the beginning.


Dhudra has a natural beauty, and the peoples of this village are simple, calm yet beautiful. The farmers living in this village mostly go to the fields to earn their daily living, they are generally hardworking and their day starts very early than most other people living in the cities or towns.

dhudra village mandi bahauddin


The Main casts of the village are

  • Dhudra
  • Sahi
  • Warraich
  • Chatha

Social Personalities of Village

  1. Adeel Hassan (Dhudra Air Travel and Tours Mangowal West)
  2. Muhammad Akbar (Akbar Petroleum Dhudra, Overseas community president Greece)
  3. Basharat Mehmood (Dhudra Cloth House Mangowal West)
  4. Hafiz Azmat (General Counsellor)
  5. Muhammad Ansar (Founder of Dhudra Foundation)
  6. Haji Muhammad Akram (Ex-Chairperson)
  7. Haji Muhammad Rafeeq (Dhudra karyana Store Mangowal West, mosque imam)
  8. Aftab Ahmed (Kabaddi Athlete)

Politically Active Members

  • Shafqat Ullah
  • Israr Ahmed
  • Sir Ali Ahmed
  • Muhammad Asghar
  • Haji Shahid
  • Mian Zahid

Social Media Stars/Vlogger

  • Saif Ullah
  • Shazam
  • Touseef
  • Haji Shahid
  • Muhammad Irfan
  •  Shoban Khokhar
  • Mani Jutt
  • Shabirr
  • Faizan
  • Usman
  • Raza
  • Sohail
  • Zain
  • Saqi
  • Mian Safwan
  • Shani
  • Waseem
  • Sunny
and many more

Highly Qualified Personalities:

  • Muhammad Ishtiaq (Principal of Govt. High School Adda Pahrianwali)
  • Muhammad Ashfaq (Principal of Govt. High School Narang)
  • Muhammad Ashraf (Retired teacher of Govt. High School Adda Pahrianwali)
  • Muhammad Ashfaq (Headmaster Govt. Model School Gujrat)
  • Muhammad Razaq (Retired officer from WAPDA)
  • Muhammad Ashraf (Retired Patwari)
  • Mr. Ali Ahmed (Principal of Zia ul Mustafa School(private))
  • Kamran Ashraf ( IT Engineer in Lahore)
  • Tauseef Arshad (Accountant and admin officer in Superior College Mangowal)
  • Usman Sahi (Software Engineer in Islamabad Pakistan)
  • Adeel Hassan (Dhudra Air Travel and Tours Mangowal West)
  • Muhammad Amir (Network Technician in Lahore)
  • Overseas Employees (Muhammad Ansar, Ali Raza, Wasim Ahmed, Naeem Akhtar, Rana Tayab etc.)

Social Welfare Organization:

Dhudra Welfare Foundation

Schools and Colleges:

  • Govt. Primary School (Boys)
  • Govt. Primary School (Girls)

Problems of the Village:

There is a main big problem of this village is the sewerage system. There is no proper system for wastewater collection. Some of the other specific issues are the following:
  • No govt. higher secondary school for girls and boys
  • No govt. health clinic
  • Lack of public transportation


Dhudra is the most beautiful, calm, and lovable land for its resident. Also, it is attractable for village lover.

May Allah Bless This Village

Information Provided By

Usman Sahi
Contact No. 03177637564
Last update 19-10-2022