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Tag: village Ghoganwali

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Ghoganwali گھوگانوالی

Ghoghanwali گھوگانوالی

Info By. Tanvir Ahmed Gondal


Village Ghoghanwali is in area of U.C#51 Chak Shahbaz Tehsil Phalia located on northern side of Phalia-Sial-mor road near bhekywal stop. The population of Village is round about 5,000 with majority of Naqvi Sadaat. Most of people are farmers and some reside in abroad. This village has honor of religious ritual and famous in Azadaari Imam Hussain AS. In the history of its ancestors Hazrat Peer Syed Waris Ali Shah Naqvi al Bukhari is the founder of Village.

The village is also birthplace of famous Peer Nausha Ganj Bakhsh of Ranmal shareef who’s parents were the disciple of Syed Waris Ali shah Bukhari. Moreover it has the honor with the shrine of Hazrat peer syed Qutab Ali shah Naqvi al Bukhari, Hazrat peer Zahoor Hussain Shah Naqvi al Bukhari, Hazrat Peer Syed Noor Hussain Shah Naqvi al Bukhari. Furthermore it is one of the biggest Gaddi of subcontinent as Hazrat Peer Waris Ali shah is known as the Peer of 7 states of Subcontinent and the current Gaddi Nasheen of Darbar is Syed Gul Peer Shah Naqvi al Bukhari. Moreover the village is place of sufi saints and religious personalities.

Nearest Villages

Highly Qualified Personalities

  1. Syed Ajmal Hassan Naqvi Advocate High Court (LLB,M.A)
  2. Syed Irtaza Hassan Naqvi Advocate High Court (LLB, M.A)
  3. Syed Tayyab Hassan Imran (Advocate)
  4. Syed Nazim Abbas (Advocate )
  5. Syed Jaffar Naqvi (Cite Manager at Google Headquarter California USA)
  6. Syed Ali Aqdas (NBP)
  7. Master Mohammad Afzil (M.A)
  8. Manzoor Ahmed (Teacher)
  9. Sayyed Tahir Shah (S.S.T)
  10. Sayyed Ibne Hassan Naqvi (Civil Engineer)
  11. Farhat Abbas Shah (Civil Engineer)
  12. Alamdar Shah (Civil Engineer)
  13. Shehbaz Hussain Shah (Secretary U.C. Bhoa Hassan)

Social Personalities of the village

  1. Nazeer Ahmed Gondal
  2. Sayed Shafiq Shah
  3. Sayed Atiq Shah
  4. Sayed Sajid Hussain Shah
  5. Ghulam Rasool
  6. Hasnat Hussain Shah (Naib Nazim)
  7. Syed Ghulam Abbas Naqvi
  8. Sayed Qalab Abbas Naqvi
  9. Sayed Kazim Raza Naqvi
  10. Syed Arjid Hassan Naqvi
  11. Dr. Ashrif
  12. Ch. Shair Mohd. Tarar


Cricket, Volleyball, Kabbadi

Major Casts

  • Sayyed (60%)
  • Tarar (7%)
  • Gondal (7%)
  • Ranjha (2%)
  • Kumhar (4%)
  • Migrated Casts (5%)
  • Misc. (5%)

Main Crops of the Village

Wheat, Rice, Sugar Canes, Cotton, Tobacco, Vegetables

May Allah Bless This village

Information Provided By: Ajmal Naqvi

Last Edited on 15 August, 2022