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Helan phalia

Helan ہیلاں

 Helan ہیلاں

By: Rana Mohammad Iftikhar

Location Of Village:

My beautiful Village Helan ہیلاں is located in District Mandi Bahauddin and 20 K.M East South away from Mandi Bahauddin, 8 KM East North from Phalia, 20 KM South from Dinga, and 4 KM North from Mano Chak. Helan situated between Islamabad airport and Lahore airport. It is also in between Chenab River and Jhelum River.

There are two Main Canal passes besides Helan. Which are almost attached with it, one is “Phalia Branch Canal” and locally called “Choti Neher” (Small Canal). While other one is “RQ Link” locally called “Bari Neher”. Phalia Branch Canal is on East of Helan, While RQ Link is on East North of Helan Town. Early in the morning, peoples of Helan visit at the bank of the Canals.

History Of The Village:

Helan Town is an old Historical Town. No one can say that how much it is old. It is older more than Mandi Bahauddin city and as old as Phalia. Its old buildings are constructed with small brick of 6 inch length, 4 inch wide and 1.5 inch thick. History of Helan Town is related to Alexander time (Sikander-e-Azam).

Raja Hail Gakhar and Sheikh Ali Baig had a war in 999 hijri. Both of them died. The graves of Sheikh Ali Baig’s Army spreaded over 4.5 KM. In the courtesy of Raja Hail Gakhar, a small village was created on Dhakki which is surrounded by graveyard of Sheikh Ali Baig (most of his soldiers are buried there).

A village named Sokhali was basically named after two Hindu women Sokhali and Addo. Later it was changed into Sheikh Ali Pur on the name of Sheikh Ali bin Ali Hasan bin Arab.

Founder Of The Village:

It is not confirm that who is the founder of Helan, However some Historical Incidents and research show that Sikander-e-Azam passes through this area. Sikander-e-Azam was a King. He belonged to Eunan. He fights some war in this area (Helan and Phalia). According to history he may be founder of this Town . He defeat Raja Poras at the River Jhelum (PHALIA) and return his country but he was died in the way. In the past the River Jhelum passed near Sarli-e-Kalan, Phalia and Village Seria at Qadirabad road. Now there is a huge amount of sand is available since now.

Glorious Historical Building (Hanjeera):

There is an old historical building besides outside the Helan Town that calls “Hanjeera”. Its walls are 8.5 feet wide. It has four open doors. Kalma Tayaba is written on right and left of each door. It has four Mahrab. There are stairs in it for climb up the Hanjeera, which present an amazing view in it’s around. It was built on 999 Hajri (432 years before). There is an underground way which goes under the Hanjeera, local people think that, that is an underground way (Srung) which open somewhere else, but in actual it is not any underground way (Srung), actually real grave of Sheik Ali Baig S/O Hussain Ali Khan Arab and his friends are there, graves that are shown in Hanjeera upward that is just show off like Qaud-e-Mazar in Karachi.

Cement and steel are not used in its construction. It is built on an old style with some old type mixture (sand, powder of brick and lime etc.). It constructed dot shape and it is a sample for Building Engineer for good structure. There are three graves in its inside. One of them is Sheik Ali Baig S/O Hussain Ali Khan Arab, Qurani Ayyats are written on marble in one of them, many gossips listened about them and no news is confirmed about them except that these are of some Muslims Rulers or Kings. There is a graveyard East North of Hanjeera which contained 50 graves.

There is a “12 Dari” near the West of Hanjeera. There is also a Small Canal in the South locally called “SAME NALA” which is coming from Bhinder Kalan under the R.Q Line. (It call syphon). which is attached with Hanjeera and 15 feet down from the foundation of Hanjeera which go towards Phalia and move onward. Now this building is under the supervision of “Aasar-e-Qadeema”.It is founded that in old time, River Jhelum passes through a Village (Sirl-e-kalan) which is in between Helan and Mano Chak. Still now people of surrounding Villages are using sand of this area.

Situation Before Partition In 1947:

Population of Helan Town was mostly Muslims in 1947. (At the time of partition of subcontinent) there were some houses of Hindus and Sikhs. These Hindus were businessman and literate. Therefore they realize situation before 1947. Before the partition, there was a Boy’s Primary School, Middle Boy’s School and Girl’s Primary School. Before partition the student of Helan Village of 9th and 10 go to Makhanawali for study. Before 1947 there were a Katcha road from Helan to Mano Chak, Helan to Phalia, Helan to Dinga and Helan to Churond. There was not any metal road from Helan village to Mano Chak. GOVT built proper road in 1960 from Helan to Mano Chak, at that time there was only Transport used Tanga and Bicycle which speed is very slow which reach from Helan to mano chak within 30 minutes.

Following were the Main castes before the partition

  • Arian
  • Kazi (Hashmi)
  • Peer
  • Qasai (Alvi)
  • Pathain (Doli Zai)
  • Butt
  • Sheik
  • Mirzey
  • Mughal
  • Muslim Sheikh
  • Ghalo
  • Khokher (Malik)
  • Kano Gho
  • Minhas Rajput

The Main Caste of Qasai (Alvi) of the Helan Village is hard working. They work throughout Punjab for a business. They are Bold and Honest, One of them Noor Mohammad Qasai (late) was shifted from Helan to Mandi Bahauddin, his sons are living in Mandi bahauddin. Qasai families are famous due to his job .The same case of the Minhas Rajput. They are Educated and shifted from Helan Village to Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, and Wazirabad, Karachi and Mandi Bahauddin.

After Partitions:

Haji Mian Muhammad Sharif (Minhas Raput), Master Abdullah (Bajwa) and Master Fazal Elahi (Bajwa), they built Islamia high school Helan in 1950. At the beginning they struggle to maintain Islamia high school for best in study and discipline. At that time 35 Villages of boys came here for Higher Education. At the beginning, Girls of the Helan study in this school in Hejab which was partitioned with a cloth. Now a day there are so many Tuition center for study.

Transport Early In The Morning:

One Bus goes to Lahore early in the morning at 4:30 A.M and reach in Lahore on Minari Pakistan at 8.00AM. Other one goes to Islamabad Early in the morning at 5:15 A.M and reach Islamabad (Faizabad) at 9:15 AM.

Other local transport continue from morning to Evening 9:00 PM. Local Hotels also work besides the road from morning to late Night.

Canal Rest House/Bungalow :

East North of the Helan Village there is Canal Rest House / Bungalow, There live a Sub Engineer, Chowkidar and Beldars for Irrigation system

Electronic Media:

There is Telephone Exchange in the West of Village at Churund road and Cable system is available and other facilities.

Neighboring Villages, Tows and Geographical Landmarks:

Helan is playing Central Role for its surrounding small Villages. Its neighbor villages include

  1. Kot Multanianwala
  2. Kot Gulam Rasul
  3. Aado Sakhali in East
  4. Kot Rehm Shah South West
  5. Sarle Kalan and Mano Chak in South
  6. Kotli Khurd
  7. Makhna Wali
  8. Dhinger Wali in North

Political History:

Helan always play Central Role in political issues. Chairman Always selected from this Village instead of surrounded Villages.

Population Of The Village:

In this time there is almost 12,000 population of Helan.

Mohallas and Boundaries:

As Helan is a Big Town and different caste are living here. Each caste has their own identity and their houses are known with their caste. Some of famous Mohallas are following:

  • Arain Mohalla
  • Qazi Mohalla
  • Rana Mohalla
  • Qasai Mohalla
  • Peeran Mohalla
  • Khokher Mohalla
  • Muslims Sheikh Mohalla
  • Mirza Mohalla
  • Ghalo Mohalla
  • Mohalla Islamabad
  • And there also some famous points which identify specific location in that village:-
  • Imam Bar Ghah (West)
  • Chowk Sadiq-e-Akbar(West)
  • Tangy Walla Adda (South)

Nature Of The People:

People of Helan are Extremist/Fundamentalist and Energetic and Intelligent. This is the reason that people of this Town are working almost each field of the world. e.g.

  • Business man
  • Agriculture
  • Forces (army-Navy-Air force)
  • Education
  • Govt employees
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Politic etc…

Source Of Income:

As people of Helan are very intelligent and hardworking. That’s why they are working in each field and earning income. For example

  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Abroad (Almost whole the world)
  • Govt Employees


Social & Famous Personalities Of The Village

  • Ch. Nasir Mehmood Shaheen
  • Ch. Barkat Ullah (Ex- Chairman)
  • Mian Muhammad Akeel S/O Mian Allah Wasaya
  • Malik Muhammad Akeel S/O Malik Muhammad Bashir
  • Qazi Azhar Iqbal (Minhas Rajpute)
  • Malik Muhammad Anwar (Khokher)
  • Qazi Muhammad Bashir (Advocate)
  • Qazi Muhammad Shareef
  • Ch. Muhammad Tariq (Nazim)
  • Ch. Muhammad Ashraf Noor
  • Rana Saber Hussain (Master)
  • Muhammad Nazar Alvi (Qasai)
  • Ch. Muhammad Zafar (M.A Urdu)
  • Ch. Muhammad Yaqoob (Arhti)
  • Rana Kher Din (Contractor)
  • Muhammad Maqsood Shah
  • Muhammad Shoab Ashraf Khan Dolat Zai
  • Ch. Muhammad Zaman
  • Rana Naveed Hussain (Chairman of Gazi Rajpute Horse Clab)
  • Muhammad Hussain Alvi (Qasai)
  • Qazi Muhammad Afzal (Advocate)
  • Ch. Muhammad Ameen (Principal Army School)
  • Muhammad Aslam (Master)
  • Ch. Muhammad Nazeer (Arhti)
  • Karamat Hussain (Qasai)
  • Peer Fazal Ali Shah (Late)
  • Gulam Rasul Jafri (Late)
  • Ch. Abdul Raof (advocate)
  • Fazal Hussain Qasai (Late)
  • Muhammad Naeem Shah
  • Muhammad Yaqoob Shah
  • Khalid Mehmood Chahan
  • Rana Amar Asad (Electronic Engineer)
  • Rana Khalid Mehmood ,Contractor (France)
  • Haji Muhammad Sharif, Contractor ( Bajwa)
  • Muhammad Hussain Jafri
  • Malik Mohammad Aslam (Chairman of Market Committee)
  • Ch Muhammad Tahir S/O Doctor Ch. Muhammad Bashir
  • Qazi Mohammad Aurangzab, Advocate
  • Hakeem Tariq Mehmood Bajwa
  • Malik Mohammad Waseem
  • Rana Ashiq Ali Shakir
  • Mohammad Sai Machi
  • Muhammad Sarfraz (Pathan)
  • Muhammad Ali (Paracha)
  • Ch. Muhammad Aslam (Principle) and his Sister Baji Sakeena (Lates). Both help too much in the study of Girls and Boys in Helan Village and others.

There are other many famous personalities which are much respectable in Helan Town.


Lumberdar is an honorable person in any Village. He guide people in the Kachehry and Thana system, If the Govt required an accused he help the Police to hand over that accuse to him. British Govt Establish the Lumberdari and Zeldar system in the Sub Continent, So that he rule 100 years at subcontinent.

There are three Lumberdar in this Village which are Govt person to receive the Revenue of crops and deposit in the kachehary .He appoint a Chowkidar which help him if the Police come to village for required an accused he help him in this case. He is very helpful for Govt and the local peoples. Now the Zaildar system has been finished but Lumberdari system is till working. He established the Dara or Guest House where he take action of every movement of the Village. Helan Village has three Lumberdar which names are as under:-

  1. Ch. Muhammad Shafeeq (Arain) Lumberdar
  2. Rana Naveed Hussain
  3. Muhammad Sajjad Khan (Dolat Zai) Lumberdar
  4. Qazi Muhammad Haroon Skandar (Hashme) Lumberdar

“In the HELAN village every person is Choudery and every person is Lumberdar because their own habits and styles.”

Highly Qualified Personalities Of The Village:

There are Many Highly Qualified Personalities of these Villages.

  • Ch. Zafar Iqbal (M.A Urdu)
  • Muhammad Zafar Chuhan (M.A)
  • Ch. Mehdi Hassan (M.Sc. Math)
  • Qazi Muhammad Aftab (B.Sc. Engineer Executive Engineer WAPDA)
  • Meherban khan (PHD in Farsi) (Late)
  • Qazi Muhammad Tariq (M.Sc. Chemistry)
  • Dr. Peer (MBBS)
  • Qazi Muhammad Bashir (Advocate)
  • Rana Muhammad Iftikhar (MBA, PIPFA, ACMA)
  • Rana Mohammad Sarfaraz (M.Sc., M.Phil. Mathematics)
  • Ch. Muhammad Ameen (B.A, B.Ed.)
  • Syed Muhammad Saleem (Advocate) (Supreme court)
  • Qazi Muhammad Sharif
  • Rana Naveed Hussain (Lumberdar)
  • Ch. Khalid Mehmood (Aluminum Fabricator Engineer)
  • Ch. Muhammad Zulifqar (Advocate)
  • Dr. Ghulam Shabbir Mahar (Ph.D. Urdu)
  • Dr. Adil Mansoor Mahar (Ph.D. Chemistry)

Culture Of The Village:

Culture of Helan is rapidly growing and updating with the passage and need of time. Helan is rapidly growing from Village to city culture. They adopt latest style and Fashion Soon. However normally. Some of old people use Tehmid, Mature people use Kameez Shalwar, Young generation also use Pent Shirts.

Mosques In The Village:

  • Jamia Mosque Main Bazaar,
  • Lal Masjid Qiley Wali
  • Anwar- e-Madina
  • Masjid Bilal
  • Jamia Masjid Gusiya Rizviya
  • Masjid Kano go
  • Masjid Noor- e -Mustafa
  • A.C Wali Masjid
  • Sadiq e Akbar Masjid
  • Masjid Ehl- E-Hadees (3 Number)
  • Masjid Bhar e Madina
  • Masjid Meloo Sultan
  • Masjid Muslim Sheikh
  • Masjid Jafria (2 Number)
  • Imam Bargah

Several Madrisas are also working here for Religious Education to the students.

Schools In The Village:

Before Partition, there were no Government Schools in Helan not even after partition until 1950. Mian Muhammad Shareef Minhas Rajput created one private school in total area of 2 kanal in the property left by Hindus after 1950. Later, Rana Mehmood Ali Khan and Rana Chand Ali Khan donated their 17.5 kanal land for establishing Islamia High School in Helan. Then, this school was created.

  • Boys Primary School
  • Helan Girls Primary School
  • Govt. Islamia High School for boys
  • Govt. Girl’s High school
  • Ghazali School Helan
  • The Green House Afzal Dar ul Arkam
  • Asbat Wisdom School Ismrao safa
  • Girls College – the Bright Future
  • GOVT. Girls Primary School
  • GOVT. Girls Middle School
  • GOVT. Girls’ High School

Currently, there is an associate college for Girls under construction in Helan. Also, it is mandatory to mention that there is a good Higher Secondary School for Girls in Helan situated near Bari Nehar.

Hospitals, Medical Stores and Shops

There is no any Govt Hospital in Helan. However there is a local Dispensary which is providing their services also to all surrounding Small Villages also. There is no any specialized and well Educated Doctor. Now there is a private Hospital established by “Doctor Muhammad Iqbal”. There are many Medical Stores and a lot of Shops related to almost all Type of Necessities of Life.

There are two Big Markets

Chowk Sadiq-E-Akbar Market

These Market accomplish almost 300 shops in it Two Sabaz mandi Which provide Vegetables to Tehsil Phalia.

Banks, Post Office and Union Council:

For transferring money from outside to this village is Habib Bank. There is Main Post Office. There is also Union Council in this village.

Main Cast:

In Helan, many types of caste are living, they are following.

  1. 50% Arain
  2. 50% others
  • Arain (Local and Migrated)
  • Hashmi (Qazi)
  • Qasai Alvi
  • Khokher (Malik)
  • Mirza
  • Rajpute Rana
  • Rajpute Minhas
  • Muslim Sheikh
  • Sheikh
  • Butt
  • Peer
  • Ghalo
  • Syed
  • Chuhan
  • Parach
  • Bajwa
  • Maachi
  • Jutt
  • Mughal
  • Pathan (Dolat Zai)
  • Pathan (Mula Jat)
  • Kano Gho

Crops and Fruits

Allah gives Blessing to this Village that almost all Types of Crops and Fruits are producing here; a few of them are describing below:

  • Wheat
  • Sugar can
  • Rice
  • Jawar
  • Cotton
  • Jute



  • Mango
  • Banana
  • Tomato
  • Water Mellon
  • Mellon
  • Guava
  • Jamen



Almost all types of Vegetables are produced here. There are two Sabaz mandi which provide vegetables all around the area.

Flora And Fauna

As the Area is very productive Both Animals are Plants live to stay here.

Domestic Animals:

  • Buffalo
  • Cow and Bull
  • Sheep
  • Goat
  • Horse
  • Donkey
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Hen
  • Rabbit
  • Pigeons
  • Duck
  • Fish


There is an Old Mazar under the old tree (Borh) here with name “Haneef Shah Data Darbar“. When Electric supply is off the people s of the Mohalla are together here under the Borh shadow.

Welfare Organizations:

There is a Social Welfare Society in Helan working with all his potential. They established street lights in Helan, arranged garbage cans for several spots, handled sewerage system in most areas.

There are various filter plants in village to provide clean water to villager’s. One of them is outside Masjid Gausia, another one is outside Rana Khalid Farooq’s House and the rest of them are at different locations. Also, All four sides of Village are of metal road.

There are following Religious Welfare Societies which work for Social Welfare:

  • Fiqa Jaafri
  • Ehl-e-Hadees
  • Ehl-e-Duband
  • Suni Movement

Free Time Hobbies:

Free time hobbies of these people are to play some famous games like..

  • Quran Tilawat
  • Cricket
  • Kabaddi
  • Football
  • Cable watching
  • Hockey

They also play some local games. There are Two Canals. Young people of the Helan Village like to do swimming there.

Horse Club

Rana Naveed Hussain Established Horse Club (Mujahid Rajput) in his Village and he participate in Punjab Level for competition on the behalf of this Village as well as he participate in the Politics of Village. He participate in the all Potential activities of his Village.

The children of this Village participate following competition daily when ever they are free

  • Kabaddi
  • Wrestling
  • Guli Danda
  • Santolya
  • Kili Bander
  • Bantey


Police Chowki:

Government of the Punjab has establish a Police Choke in this Village at Chock Sadiqu-e-Akbar for control the un-law system in the surrounding area of the Helan Village

Gride Station:

Electric gride Station is found at Helan but constructed at Charanwala. Which supply the Electric around the Villages.

Problems Of The Village:

  • There is no any Govt college.
  • Sui Gas is not available Wherever Sui Gas is passing 4 K.M away at Mano Chak.
  • No Govt. Hospital available.
  • Sewerage system is available in the Half Village and Half Village is without sewerage system.
  • Street lights are not available.
  • There is no any park available for enjoyment in extera time.
  • There is no any Govt college available for Girls and Boys, they have to go Phalia and Mandi Bahauddin city for study at inter level.
  • There is no Committee System .
  • No one promise to fulfil still now which was done by politics.


It is requested to the every person of the area to see the Historical Glorious. Building which is situated in the Helan Village ,So that you reach in this point easily. I say every Visitor please see it building

Following are the suggestions for their concerned Departments;- There must be provided a pucca road to the visitors so that they can easily reach to Hanjeera and repair this building . This road required length only 1/4 KM away from Mano Chak road. Hanjeera is only 4 KM away from Gujrat Mandi Bahauddin road.


Helan village mandi bahauddin history
Helan Village

Information provided by:

Rana Mohammad Iftikhar,

Modified by: Fazeela Zanib

(Note:- If anybody want to include any further valuable information in it, he‘ll be most welcome)