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Kala Shadian کالا شادیاں

Kala Shadian کالا شادیاں


The village Kalan Shadian کالا شادیاں is located on the banks of river Chenab in Phalia tehsil of Mandi Bahauddin district. It is a historical village in which archeological remains are still present. Part of it has been washed away by the river due to erosion. To the east of it is Bahri village  and to the west is Jago , Qadir Abad and Chak Abdullah.

Sources of Income:

 The majority of the villagers are engaged in agriculture. Some people also work as laborers. Most of the youth of the village are employed abroad.


The majority of the villagers belong to the Tarar family while there are some other tribes like
  • Gondal
  • Nai
  • Mochi
  • Kasbi
  • Machhi

kuthiala khurd

Famous personalities:

  1. Qari Mazhar Iqbal
  2. Hafiz Mudassir Iqbal
  3. Muhammad Abbas Tarar
  4. Sana Ullah (numberdar)
  5. Muhammad Inayat Tarar
  6. Muhammad Aslam Shah
  7. Pir Mian Abdul Rasool.

Educated People:

  • Hafiz Rashid Hussain Tarar (Islamic scholar)
  • Qari Sikandar Hayat Tarar (Islamic scholar)
  • Irshad Ahmad Tarar (teacher)
  • Shahid Imran Tarar (elite force)
  • Mazhar Iqbal Tarar (police)
  • Master Muhammad Ali) Teacher)
  • Sheraz Tarar (Inspector Custom)


There are two elementary level school in this village:
  1. Govt. Elementary School Kala Shadian
  2. Govt. Girls Elementary School Kala Shadian

Social worker’s:

  1. Hafiz Mudassir Iqbal
  2. Hafiz Rashid Hussain Tarar
  3. Irshad Ahmad Tarar
  4. Shahid Imran Tarar
  5. Mian Zahid Naveed
  6. Munawar Hussain Shah
  7. Umer Hayat Tarar
  8. Imtiaz Ahmad Tarar (Chan).

Social network:

Kala shadian welfare society.


 Visit of former Governor Punjab Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui۔
May Allah protect this village and its inhabitants

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