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village kolowal kotehra

Kolowal (كولووال)

Kolowal (كولووال)

By: Shahid Imran Gondal

Name of My village is Kolowal کولووال. It is also called Kolowal Kothera. Alhamdollillah Population is 100% Muslim. It is also called Kalowal Kotehra. It has 5 Parts.

  1. Haso Ana Dera
  2. Vada Lok
  3. Alhi
  4. Bijli Ghar
  5. Kotehra

Towns and Geographical Landmarks

It is situated in Malakwal tehsil – Mandi Bahauddin Road. Main Village is about 2-3 Km Malakwal City, But its one Part (Kothera) is very near to Malakwal. River Jhelum is about 2 Km away from Kolowal on North Side.

Neighboring Villages:

Social Personalities:

Following are other main social personalities

  • Haji Nazir Ahmed Gondal  (Chairman of Zakat & Ushar Committee).
  • Ch. Ghulam Ali Gondal
  • Ch. Ghulam Abbas Gondal (Counselor)
  • Ch. Shan Ali Gondal
  • Shah Khurshid Alam
  • Mohammad Aslam Gondal
  • Syed Mehmood Hussain Shah
  • Hafiz Zafar Iqbal (Imam Masjid Jamia Mosque)
  • Tahir Hussain Shah (Punjab Police)

Another Social personality was Ch. Ata Mohammad Numberdar who passed way on April, 2008. His age was about 90 years.

Highly Qualified Personalities:

  • Shahid Imran Gondal (Transport Manager in Saudi Binladin Group Saudi Arabia)
  • Naveed Iqbal Gondal (Director in Islamabad)
  • Mushtaq Ahmed Gondal (Supervenient, Pak P.W.D Islamabad).
  • Safdar Iqbal Gondal (PS to DSP Traffic Islamabad)
  • Syed Najam Ul Hassan (Manager Allied Bank, Lahore)
  • Mohammad Akram (Grade 18 officer in HBFC)
  • Muzafar Iqbal Gondal (Chemistry Teacher in G.H School Malakwal)
  • Ali Atif Hassan (LLB, MA English)
  • Jehangir Abbas Gondal (PS to Director NHA Islamabad)

Personalities in Foreign Countries:

  • Talat Mushtaq Gondal (Holland)
  • Faisal Usman Gondal (Spain)
  • Shahid Imran Gondal (Jeddah Saudi Arabia)
  • Javid Iqbal Gondal (France)
  • Naeem Shahzad Gondal (UK)
  • Omar Gondal (Jeddah Saudi Arabia)
  • Arshad Gondal (Jeddah Saudi Arabia)
  • Naseer Gondal (Jeddah Saudi Arabia)
  • Tariq Gondal (Jeddah Saudi Arabia)
  • Syed Rashid Shah (Dubai, UAE)
  • Syed Abrar Hussain Shah (South Africa)

village kolowal kotehra

Culture of the Village:

Culture of my village is almost same like other villages of Punjab. But some people are doing job in Islamabad or Lahore & some are working abroad so you can see a little touch of city life also in life of people. Especially on occasion of marriage.

Schools, Collages & Mosques:

There are 4 Mosques in my village, one is Jamia Mosque where Jumma prayer is also offered. There is also one Imam Bargha & 3 Mazars in the village. There are two Government schools one primary school for Boys & one High School for Girls. There is also one private school in the village. Degree college Malakwal is situated very near to my village.

Hospitals, Medical Stores and Shops:

The is no any hospital in the village but there are two clinics, & also 5 shops to purchase necessities of life. Village is only 3 km away from Malakwal so mostly people done their shopping in Malakwal.

Main Castes:

Main Caste of the village is Gondal, About 78% population of village is Gondal. Main castes & their percentage is as follow.

  1. Gondal 78%
  2. Syed (Hamdani/Bukhari) 10%
  3. Ranjha 2%
  4. Working Castes 10%

What is Gondal?

Gondal: is one of the main elite Jat clans living in PunjabPakistan. They are believed to have accepted Islam on the inducement of famous Sufi poet Baba Farid and were instructed by him to stay in the area between the Chenab RiverJhelum River which now forms Mandi Bahauddin, and Sargodha District.They are approximately over half a million in population and are mainly living in Mandi Bahauddin,Malakwal, Kolowal, Phalia,(Rerka Bala) (Ajjowal) Kot Momin, Midh Ranjha, Bhalwal Tehsils Geven Gondal (30km away from Sargodha). The majority is associated with the profession of agriculture but a number of them are also in civil services, such as police, Education and judiciary in Pakistan. Quite a lot of them are also working abroad mainly in the United StatesCanadaSaudi ArabiaItalySpain, France, South Africa and the United Kingdom. It is widely accepted in Punjab that Gondals have amassed great fortunes through their strict tolerance of agricultural expertise. It is therefore not surprising that they are now and always have been regarded as the Elite Senior Jats’ earning the status of Powerful Landlords of Pakistan. Many sources claim that as many as 37% of Pakistan’s Powerful & Secretive Inter-Services Intelligence ISI members of staff come from this clan.

Main Crops In The Village:

Famous crops of village are Wheat & Rice. But now a days some landlords are also cultivating Potatoes (Ch. Javid Gondal is a guy who has completed but instead of doing job he prefer to work on his own land & make experiment to cultivate Potatoes on his land and his experiment was successful and now lot of people are cultivating potatoes also). Other main crops are as follow.

  • Sugar Can
  • Cotton
  • Potatoes
  • Maize
  • Tobacco

Media and Communication:

By the passage of time communication through Letters is decreased & Phone & Email has taken its place. So main mean of communication in my village is Phone. Through this people can keep in touch with their loved ones in other cities and abroad. TV/ Radio is main media through which people can get news about their beloved country & other world.

Organizations / Group in the village:

There is an Yahoo group named as Gondals_Online. This group is created to bring all Gondals on one platform, not only from village Kolowal but of Whole world. Shahid Imran Gondal & Saqib Mushtaq Gondal are Moderators of this group. This group is accessible on following address

Parks & Cannels in the Village

In free time people go on Park near river Jhelum which is on distance of about 2.5 Km from my village named as Daman-e-Khizar Park. There is also a cannel in the village, it irrigate land of village. Its water is not enough so lot of landlords have installed their own Peter Engine to overcome the shortage of water.


  • Kabaddi
  • Cricket
  • Vollyball (Shooting)
  • Kushti




Pictures of village will be posted soon, Inshallah.

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)

Information provided by: Shahid Imran Gondal