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Tag: water level in jhelum 2022 today

rasul barrage

Water Level in Rasul Barrage Mandi Bahauddin today

Rasul Barrage Mandi Bahauddin

Rasul Barrage Mandi Bahauddin is a barrage on the River Jehlum between Jhelum District and Mandi Bahauddin District of the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is situated 72 km downstream of Mangla Dam. wikipedia

Water Level at Rasul Barrage

Today water level at Rasul Barrage MBDIN is given below.

Data of Rasul Barrage Mandi Bahauddin

Date 31-08_2022
Time 09:00 am

  • U S gauge = 719.0
  • Discharge = 6355 cs
  • D S gauge 691.5
  • Discharge=Nil
  • RQ LINK Gauge= 705.4
  • Discharge= 3355

Head Rasul water level on 30-08-2022

Head Rasul water level on 29-08-2022

We request you all not to listen to false rumours. There is no danger of flooding in the Jhelum river yet. All people, please pray for Allah Almighty to protect you. By the way, the people living on the banks of the Jhelum river must take precautionary measures. There is also a new order from the government of Pakistan to follow it. I am present for information about water in Jhelum river. (Mahar Adnan Naveed 31.08.2022)

Rasul Barrage Mandi Bahauddin

Rasul Barrage showing main barrage and offtake canals Data provided for this study (IRSA 2015) include? the crest level of the under-sluice bays is 212.9 m (698.5 ft) above mean sea level;? the crest level of the main weir is 214.3 m (703 ft) above mean sea level; ? the upstream floor level is 211.8 m (695 ft) above mean sea level; ? no storage capacity information was available for this study, however a volume of approximately 51 km 3 at operational water level has been inferred from aerial photography; ? there are 42 standard bays on the main weir 18.288 m (60 ft) across; ? there are 6 under-sluice bays, 18.288 m (60 ft) across; ?

The maximum design discharge for the barrage is 24069 m 3 /s (850,000 ft 3 /s) at 218.2 m (716 ft) above mean sea level; and ? historic water level time series for Rasul (2001-2013) indicates that barrage levels are maintained at approximately 219.151m (719 ft) for most of the year, except for an annual cleaning period in early January. Water level time series and an average weekly pattern derived from this dataset are shown in Figure 29. The 10 daily pattern is used in the IRSM as the operational water level target for the barrage.