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Tag: What is actual price of petrol in pakistan in rupees

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What Is Real Price of Petrol In Pakistan Without Govt Tax?

Real Price of Petrol In Pakistan

Did you know, what is the real price of petrol in Pakistan without government taxes? The total tax and margin levied by the government on petrol is Rs 72.18 per litre. Real price of petrol revealed to be 220 rupees.

The federal government is levying excessive taxes/other charges on finished petroleum products before refining. Inflation affected consumers are thus paying much more than the actual import and refining costs.

Price Of Petrol In Pakistan Has Reached Close To Rs. 300

Petroleum products are a major source of revenue for the cash-strapped government and the worst hit is the public. According to people associated with the petroleum sector and media reports, the actual price of petrol in Pakistan without tax is around Rs 220 and diesel price is Rs 233.19 per litre.

It has been reported that Rs 72 18 paise per liter tax and margin is levied on petrol while Rs 50 per liter levy has been maintained on petrol and diesel.

On August 16, the ex-refinery rate of petrol was Rs 218.32. 55 rupees per liter levy on petrol remains. The price of IFEM has been fixed at Rs 4.13 per liter after an increase of Rs 1.50. Dealer margin on petrol is Rs 7 and OMC margin is Rs 6 per litre.

Muzzamil Aslam added that it is also true that oil has become expensive in the global market while the value of the Pakistani rupee has also fallen. Due to which petroleum products have become expensive.